Calculating Speed, Distance and Time

This week P7B have been applying their learning about the speed, distance, time triangle to real life scenarios.

We ran a sprint and a middle distance run in the playground and calculated our average speed. We then compared it with the world records for these distances. We couldn’t believe how fast Usain Bolt ran his 100m record!

We have also used the scale on an atlas to find the distance between countries and used this and the average speed of a plane to predict flight times.  We used a bus timetable and the average speed of the bus to calculate the distance travelled. We built a ramp and raced different toy vehicles to calculate speed. We also looked at how time zones impact the way businesses work and worked out which country will celebrate new year first.

Some of our tips for P7A who will do some of these challenges soon are –

  • Read the task CAREFULLY
  • Follow the rule of the SDT triangle
  • The lines on the world map can help you with time zones
  • Make sure the angle of your ramp is the same on each go or it will affect your results
  • Use a ruler the find the scale on a map – we rounded to the nearest whole centimetre to make it a bit easier
  • Look for a pattern in the bus timetable




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