P7B Review of the Week

This week our highlights have been –

  • Information reports on Social Bite
  • Creating bar models to help us with our fractions
  • Doing our Christmas display for Mrs Ryalls
  • Making heathy eating adverts using drama
  • Testing ear protectors in science
  • Creating line graphs for the average temperature in our favourite place in the world

Review your week using these questions –

  1. What bit of learning was most valuable?

  2. What learning do you want to do more of?

  3. What did you most enjoy doing?

  4. What global goals did you learn about this week?


20 thoughts on “P7B Review of the Week”

  1. 1. How to learn fractions because fractions are important for coding.
    2. The advert thing.
    3. Basketball.
    4. No poverty and quality education.

  2. 1. Using the 100 square on the ipad
    2. Science
    3. I most enjoyed the David Bowie question on Kahoot
    4. Social Bite helps with Zero Hunger

  3. 1 learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions
    2 Line graphs because I found it useful and fun
    3 The Christmas door decorations
    4 No poverty and Zero Hunger in the social bite report

  4. 1.By using certain websites to find good information for my social bite report.
    2. Science experiments.
    3. Doing the Galaxy background for the Christmas display for Mrs Riles.
    4. No poverty, zero hunger and good health and well-being because we were doing an information report about social by which links to all of them.

  5. 1.Fractions helped me get more maths Questions right
    2.more places th@t help people
    3.Doing the Galaxy back round For the corridors walls
    4. No poverty and zero hunger

  6. 1.Making healthy eating adverts because I can learn the good in food.

    2.I want to learn more about Social Bite because I found it interesting.

    3.I enjoyed doing our Christmas display for mrs Ryalls.

    4.I learnt about zero hunger and no poverty because of our social Bite report.

  7. 1. The healthy eating adverts to help me to be healthier.

    2. Making healthy eating adverts.

    3. Making the healthy eating adverts.

    4. Zero hunger and no poverty.

  8. 1. The creating the line graphs.
    2. The healthy eating drama thing.
    3.Make the background for the wall display.
    4. The social bite writing report.

  9. 1. Great websites for my report on Social Bite that I didn’t finish in time.

    2. The Displays for the school.

    3. The Christmas display for the school.

    4. No Poverty and Zero Hunger helped me helped me do a really good report about Social Bite on my iPad.

  10. 1 the most valuable bit of education I learnt this week was probably Creating bar models for maths

    2 I want to do more information reports because i enjoy planning and writing them but I also want to do more art in class

    3 I most enjoyed doing the galaxy backdrop for art and Christmas but also enjoyed the information report

    4 it was zero hunger and impoverty

  11. 1) The information reports on the Social Bite because it taught me about what homeless people go through and how we can help them.
    2) Testing ear protectors in science because I want to know what other things can block out sound.
    3) Doing the Christmas display for Mrs Ryalls because it was fun to make and it turned out good.
    4) No. 1 – No poverty, no. 2 – Zero hunger.

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