P7A Review of the week 27.11.20

We’ve been working hard again in P7A this week.  A big part of our time was taken up doing research into the charity Social Bite and then writing an Information Report on it.

In spelling, we have studied words with qu in them – and discovered that queueing has a lot of vowels in a row!

We have been doing a lot with fractions this week – adding them, subtracting them, simplifying them and finding equivalent fractions.

Having finished the novel Wonder we have been enjoying the bonus story told from Julian’s point of view – it has helped us see that there are two sides to every story.

We enjoyed the virtual assembly on Saint Andrew’s Day and especially liked the short film of the little bird.

We were asked to help create some Christmas decorations for the hall so created some lovely festive Christmas jumper designs to spell out a seasonal message for everyone at Kingsland.


  1. On which task did you tried your hardest this week?
  2. What do you need to work on for next week?
  3. What theme do you think we should pick to decorate our classroom door?

12 thoughts on “P7A Review of the week 27.11.20”

  1. I have really enjoyed P.E in basketball like always and I think that I have done really well and most improved in my maths.

  2. I tried really hard with my social bite information report
    Getting more words in the 5 min growing
    A ginger bread man

  3. 1 I tried my hardest to complete my writing because I mostly don’t finish.

    2 I need to work on getting quicker at my work.

    3 idk 🤷

  4. I think I could of done better in my writing this week
    This week I try to hard on my maths
    I think for a door we should do winter so that we can keep it up a little bit longer

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