P7A and B Christmas Decorations

Both classes have been creating Christmas display pictures for the dining hall.

P7B looked for inspiration online and decided on a silhouette landscape picture. We split into our table group bubbles and delegated tasks for the project. Here are the jobs we did –

  • Drawing, painting and glittering stars
  • Colour mixing and sponging the background
  • Colour mixing and sponging the moon
  • Drawing and cutting the tree silhouettes
  • Drawing and cutting the reindeer silhouettes
  • Drawing and painting Christmas lights (we decided not to use these in the end as we thought it looked better without)

We think you will agree that Oliver R did an amazing job drawing Santa’s sleigh – free hand!

P7A decided on a Christmas Jumper theme for our display board.  Each of us worked on a different jumper with a letter ‘stitched’ into the design so that together we could spell our a message.  We wanted to keep all the letters uniform so the message could be read when the display was completed and this was the trickiest part.  This is how we did it:

  1. First we traced a pattern for each letter from squared paper onto tracing paper.
  2. Then we drew the outline of our jumper on red, green or blue paper.
  3. Next we transferred the letter design from the trace to the jumper.
  4. After that we had to add the ‘stitches’ to the design using oil pastels.  We wanted the letters to look like they had been knitted so made each stitch in a V shape.
  5. Finally we added other colourful designs before cutting them out.

We gave Mrs Ryalls some tiny gold pegs to hang up the jumpers so that they look like they are on a washing line.  We are really pleased with the overall result.

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