28.8.20 P7B Review of the Week

What were you proud of this week?

What did you use to support you with your learning this week?

What motivated you to learn this week?

Something I learned this week is….

Something I am still wondering about this week is….

22 thoughts on “28.8.20 P7B Review of the Week”

  1. 1 I was proud of my story I started on free write Friday
    2 I used positivity in my brain to support me
    3 I used my positive thoughts to motivate me
    4 I was trying my hardest to make an optical illusion picture and then learnt how to do it when I got help.
    5 Will my optical illusion look good when it is done.

  2. 1. I am proud of my illusion I am not done with it yes but I’m nearly done.

    2. I used the picture to help me with my description writing.

    3. Me trying to motivate myself to work hard and it working.

    4. How to make an optical illusion.

    5. What happens next in the class novel

  3. Getting more work done

    I Used a projector

    To get to the end of the week

    How to do a 3 d drawing

    A Question on our maths assessment

  4. I was proud of the maths assessment.

    I used my whiteboard to help me do workings in the maths assessment.

    The background music motivated me to learn this week.

    Something I learned this week is about the history of Catholics and Protestants.

    Something I am still wondering about is other optical illusions.

  5. 1.Im proud of my letter to myself and my haunted house story/description

    2.I used a YouTube tutorial to help me with my optical illusion maths art.

    3.I got motivated to learn this week because I had healthy breakfasts every day this week.

    4.I learnt how to draw a optical illusion.

    5.I wondering what I will think about my letter to myself in 1 year.

  6. 1. I am proud of my optical illusion and my haunted house description.
    2.I used my white board and pen that I used to help with my spelling.
    3.Seeing the look on my little sister’s face when she was going to school.
    4.I learned what the four 4’s challenge is.
    5. Are there going to be hot school dinners.

  7. I was proud of my letter to myself.

    Using the ruler and protractor helped me with my learning.

    Knowing that we get to do something fun afterwards motivated me to learn.

    Something I learnt this week is how to use a protractor.

    Something I’m still wondering is what the sayings in the comprehension mean.

  8. I am pleased ofwriting the story of Matilda
    Number square
    I learned about haunted houses
    How the optical illusions will turn out

  9. I was proud of my haunted house description.

    The tutorial video for the optical illusion drawing helped with my learning.

    Knowing that sometimes it is fun work.

    Something I learnt is how to do the optical illusion for maths.

    Something I am still wondering is what some of the words mean in the comprehension.

  10. Are skipper revision art because we could create our own patterns

    Using the white board to work out sums

    The teacher making are subjects more enjoyable

    Some of our spelling words

    If my skipper picture will go on the wall

  11. I was proud of my self portrait.

    The video on youtube of the optical illusions.

    For the most running in my team for PE.

    Not to judge someone by their appearance.

    About my spelling so I can get better at it.

  12. 1) I am proud of the letter I made to myself that me and my class did on Monday and Tuesday.
    2) When I was doing my illusion I had a video to help me.
    3) Seeing my friends work hard made me want to as well.
    4) I learned how to do the four 4s challenge.
    5) Will we be able to have hot dinners next week.

  13. I was proud of my perseverance in PE with a sore foot.

    The optical illusions video.

    Free writing.

    More about description.

  14. I am very proud of my optical illusion where we made an illusion
    I used Alfie to help me spell subnautica
    I used my positive thoughts in my head to help me get through my work
    I have learned how to make me sprint faster
    I am still wondering how each week goes really fast

  15. Getting the second furthest hop step jump distance in P.E .
    A YouTube tutorial on drawing an optical illusion.
    The new season of Fortnite coming out so I wanted to get all of my work done so I could play it.
    How to use a protractor.
    Optical illusions because they confuse me.

  16. I was proud with my haunted house description .

    I used a protractor for making a reflex angle.

    I was motivated because I was relaxed .

    I learned how to draw an Optical illusions .

  17. I was proud of my letter to myself.

    The optical illusion video.

    Getting to see my friends.

    I learnt how to do the illusion.

  18. This week I am proud of my my haunted house description

    Being able to Use the iPads in work

    have fun

    How to draw a illusion

    28 X 7=?

  19. 1. I am proud of my skipper drawing and my writing.
    2. my friends supported me and mrs brown supported me.
    3. my maths motivated me to work harder
    4. Spelling and working on a ipad
    5. i am still wondering if kyoul from the book is ok.

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