Block 2 Homework

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Choose at least one of the following activities and complete for  5th December 2019 when both classes will share their homework with each other.

  • Design a game based on addition or subtraction that includes examples of each: written method, mental strategies, language of addition/subtraction.
  • William Wallace lived as an outlaw in the Scottish Borders. Design a WANTED poster for William Wallace. Think of the adjectives that would be used by those who would have wanted to capture him.
  • In writing we are looking at recount texts. Choose an event that was memorable and write a recount using paragraphs and the structure of title, orientation and sequence of events.
  • Find out about what life was like during the time of William Wallace. What were the houses like inside? How did they cook, sleep, and eat? Make a diorama that shows the inside of a house; rich or poor.
  • Choose one aspect of life during the Scottish Wars of Independence eg. Clothes, food, houses, weapons and make a PPT that you can share with the rest of the class.

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