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A very ‘Animated’ Afternoon!

Primary 1 were delighted to welcome Leon’s Dad Henry to class today. He talked to us all about his career as an animator. We got to see some of the animations he has made and he explained some of the different jobs he gets to do.

We really loved it when he showed us how to make a simple stop-motion animation about a cat. It was very funny and has inspired us to have a go ourselves!

Emergency excitement for P1B!

Today Tom and Evan’s Mum Jo came to tell us all about her job as a paramedic. She showed us some of the equipment she has to take with her when she gets a call out with her team member. We got to try on her helmet and hi-vis vest and she showed us how to put on a bandage.

Then came the really exciting bit…the ambulance! We got to climb inside and have a good look around and then she showed us the lights and siren.

Careers week off to a fantastic start in P1 with an Advocate, a Doctor and a Vet

Today we welcomed Mr Sutherland (Daniel’s Dad), Dr Hume (Caleb’s Mum) and Mrs Grant (Holly’s Mum) who came to talk to us about their jobs.

Mr Sutherland told us he is a lawyer or advocate and he even dressed Mrs Wilkinson up so she could pretend to be a judge!

Dr Hume is a doctor and she brought her friend Bertie Bones to help explain all about different parts of the body.

Mrs Grant is a vet and she also brought in some friends – her real pets Tess the dog and Jazz the cat.  They were impeccably behaved and very tolerant of all the children – we think they deserved a few house points!

P1 celebrate Outdoor Learning Day

We had a lovely walk all the way round the school grounds this afternoon. We were looking for signs of Autunn and for any animals that might share our environment…but really we just loved having a really good look around the other playgrounds. We especially loved the view from the P7 balcony! (Shh, don’t tell them we sneaked on!). What a gorgeous Autumn day.