Welcome back!

Welcome back, Primary 2!

We had a very busy start this week.

Before the October holidays we had a vote about our new class novel and most of us agreed that it would be lovely to find out what happens to Tomas and Flicker next. So, we decided to read,”The boy who dreamed of dragons” by Andy Shepherd. Some of us felt that we already knew the characters and we would be familiar with them.

We spotted straight away that Flicker the dragon looks more grown up when we discussed the front cover. We knew that Tomas could not fly on Flicker’s back at the end of the first novel.

In Rhyme and Analogy we explored words that rhyme with the families – sad, hit, leg & sun. Can you find other words that rhyme with these words?

We used our linking cubes to make stories of 15. Then we wrote our sums in numbers on our whiteboards. Using the cubes really helped us to see how we reached our answers.

Our highlight this week was learning about Coding. We had such fun using the little picture cards and getting our friends to move around the classroom. We even had to pretend we were sleeping for one of the commands! Then we created our own codes for a partner to follow. We had to have a clear start and a clear finish so we started with a green flag and finished with a red flag.

We are looking forward to turning these into programs for the Beebots. We enjoyed Coding so much that we will research other activities that we might like to explore. Coding really challenged our thinking this week but, we felt so proud of ourselves when we had created our own programs.

We also started to look at RECOUNT in our Writing. This is quite different to the descriptive writing we did in Block 1 but, we are looking forward to learning how to write a recount and then write our own.

In groups we also thought about what we already know about night and day as this is our new Science topic. At first we thought we only knew a few things but, when we started recording it on our sheet we were amazed that we had written and drawn so much.

We are looking forward to finding out more about night and day.


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