What’s in the box?

We have had another busy week with lots of successes.

It has been a long time since we have done Problem Solving so first of all we used cubes to help us to see the answer and then we learned about the strategy – draw a picture. This was fun and it was hard to believe we were doing Maths. When we thought about it we realised that using the cubes was also helping us with our numbers.

We designed a dragon eye on paper then we tried to make it with play doh as a little practice for when we use clay next week. We are all really excited about that!

Mrs Ryalls brought in her dragon kite and we had to guess what was in the box. We thought it was a mungle flap! ( hen ) . The head of the kite is amazing and we have really enjoyed studying it.

Mrs Ward lent us her dragon toys and we got to cuddle them in our class for a few days. They were very welcome visitors.


We have been working together and team building but, we still find it a challenge to share and compromise. So, we are going to keep working together on challenges to help us to work with others.

We designed a dragon then made a plan. When we were happy with the plan we wrote a description that included a title, an introduction, a description of the dragon and a personal comment or evaluation. Although this was hard work we were very proud of our descriptions when we completed them.

We are continuing to work on learning the 3 school rules.

I behave safely

I listen to and follow instructions

I respect people and property


Well done, Primary 2 !

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