What’s that smell?

This week we have been focusing on our sense of smell. Mrs Scott delivered a bag to our door and we were so excited because we thought it was a delivery of food! We had to use our nose to smell the lid of the container and try to guess what was inside.

We were very good and got some of them right first time. For example cinammon and perfume. Others were not so easy – like garlic and hand sanitiser.

We looked at rhyming words for hen, nap, nut and lid this week in Rhyme and Analogy. We are really very good at recognising the sound pattern and what the words look like.

This week we had to vote whether to make a class dragon or a dragon house with our shoe boxes. The votes were very close but, the dragon house won. So, we have made a start on the dragon houses this week and we had great fun with the paints.

In Writing we thought hard about what Flicker the dragon looks like in our novel. Then we drew it, labelled it and followed our structure for writing a description. The fun bit was writing the evaluation and we are very good at that.

We have been learning about how to be more resilient when things get choppy on the river of life. We made boats and chose some things to take with us that help us to be more resilient. We were so happy to see them displayed in our room.

We have also been thinking about our 3 school rules. Can you remember them?

One thought on “What’s that smell?”

  1. We think the rules are-
    Respect people and belongings : your own, other people’s and the school’s.
    Be kind to others
    No one can remember the 3rd one, but can remember the values! The girls will check tomorrow!

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