Eye eye!

In Primary 2 we have done quite a mixture of learning this week.

We moved on to learning about parts of the ear in Science but, we have to do some more exploring of the ear next week.


We still had some Art work to do with the eye. So, we used 2 different types of media for this. First of all we thought about what we can see with our eyes and we made this picture with coloured pencils and black fine line with felt pen.

Next we made an eye collage with material. We thought this looked like an easy activitiy but, we had to do lots of problem solving and we had to work hard to make our cutting neat and accurate. It was fun using the tiny material scissors to cut through the fabric.

We had fun comparing and contrasting our two styles of eye Art.

We also made our Christmas card designs even though it is still September! We really enjoyed listening to Β the Christmas music as we designed them.

In practical Maths we measured objects with straws and small cubes. It was fun being active in our learning and using different things to measure with.

Our teacher modelled some writing for us this week and our focus was on a best friend. We had already made a labelled plan and this helped us when we wrote on the lined paper. Although we find writing challenging we are so proud of ourselves when we read it over at the end and look at the lovely handwriting we have too.

We are going to add the last line to our writing on Monday. Then it will be fun to share our writing with our friends.

We have been becoming more creative in our play this week and we have been using our imaginations to add some props to the dragon models and making our own maps for the cars.


We did a whole class vote for Recycling rep and we are looking forward to getting started in our new roles of responsibility.

Yet another busy working week for Primary 2. Well done everyone!

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