A fun learning week in P2 !

We have been working very hard this week. Our new book for

Rhyme and Analogy is,” Scat, cat!” and our focus for rhyming patterns are :  at  in   ed  and og. We have been trying very hard to read along with the story, find the rhyming words on the page then think of others we know.


Can you find these rhyming patterns in books you read or signs you see at home?

We have been thinking about being good friends for HWB and also how we can be kind and caring towards others. We made friendship bracelets. Our first attempt with wool was a little tricky so, we tried an easier version with paper the next day. We were pleased with both designs.

For our senses work this week we explored smelling and it was fun smelling the different smells in the jars. Some of our guesses were quite close but, the onion salt had us puzzled – we thought it was crisps. That one had a strong smell and made our noses twitch!

In our play we have been having a great time exploring sight and making funny glasses. We have enjoyed being very creative in our designs. Maybe we have some opticians in the making!

We were so excited to discover what was in the box Mrs Little had dropped off. It was a box of dragons and dinosaurs and we had so much fun playing with them. Maybe next week we will get very creative with them in our play.

For our writing this week we spent a lot of time exploring describing words, looking very closely at the character of Tomas in our class novel and then drawing what we thought he looked like. We found the coloured picture on the cover gave us the most clues about what Tomas looks like.

We have been measuring with cubes today and we have started to have a guess   (  estimate)  measurements. Some of us have found it hard to understand that our guess can be quite different from the actual measurement.

Can you find anything at home that you think measures 15 cubes?

Thank you to everyone who has brought in a shoe box. A big thank you to Miss Muir who has been collecting boxes for all 3 classes!


Next week we might find out what we are going to do with the shoe boxes!



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