Walk to School Week

We’ve had lots of fun this week learning about the benefits of walking for Walk to School week. We’ve been enjoying the videos and powerpoints from the JRSOs introducing a different superhero each day – we’ve had Super Strong, Super Smart, Super Smiley, Super Safe and Super Sustainable.

On Wednesday we worked together at our tables to draw a map of Peebles and discussed our different routes to school. We talked about safe places to cross and all of the lovely things we see on our walks to school.

At the end of the week we had great fun tinkering with the beebots. On Thursday we learned how to program them to go through or around obstacles and this morning we put them on our map and instructed them to go for a drive around Peebles!

This week we’ve also been planting, learning the ‘ue’ sound and writing about the rabbit in the school playground. In numeracy we’re continuing our work on subtraction and linking addition and subtraction facts. The children’s highlights include:

  • Writing about the rabbit in the garden
  • Playing with the beebots
  • Planting pumpkins in the garden
  • Making statues (for ‘ue’)
  • Pressing the buttons on the beebots
  • Drawing the statues
  • Sharing and taking turns with the beebots

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