A booktastic Book Week in P2/1!

We’ve had a great week reading the picturebooks in the P1 Book Bag which all Primary Ones are bringing home today.

We started the week reading My First Book of Birds. We talked about our favourite birds and the birds we have seen in our gardens and on walks. Yesterday we went for a bird watching walk around the school grounds. We learned how we have to be still and very quiet when we’re looking for birds. Around the school we saw a robin and three crows. On the hill we could see some birds in the distance in the trees at Hay Lodge Park and seagulls over the parish church.

On Wednesday we read Brenda is a Sheep. In the story Brenda pretends she is a sheep but secretly plans to eat her sheep friends with mint sauce! We all enjoyed the story and were not fooled by Brenda’s antics. We did black pen pictures of Brenda, taking our time on the detail of her jumper and we wrote about the who and what of the story.

On Thursday we read This is a Dog! We made our own dog masks and while they were drying we did some drama, acting out the different animals in the story and thinking how the different animals might eat, drink and play.

This morning we voted for our favourite picturebook for the Bookbug Picturebook Prize, watch here for the winner…

Also this week, we learned the ‘qu’ sound and did some great cutting and sticking to make ‘qu’ queens. Each day we’re practising our sounds and our writing on our whiteboards. We’re trying to put all of our words together to write short sentences.

On Tuesday afternoons Mrs Thomson is teaching us all about time. This week we made some fantastic clocks to take home. We’re also continuing with our addition, using cubes to help us and practising our number stories.

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