Investigating in P2/1

What a busy week!

We started the week by taking a walk outside to be nature detectives and look for signs of autumn. We looked at the colour of the leaves, talked about which trees were changing colour first and even spotted a squirrel jumping from tree to tree! Photos by Isabella, Amber and Macaulay.

On Tuesday we had a virtual assembly which we watched from our classroom. We found out more about the school values and looked more closely at the Kingsland badge.

In health and wellbeing we’re continuing to talk lots about being a good friend. We drew around Isabelle, coloured our person in and then labelled it with what we think a good friend does.

We’re also continuing to talk about whether different scenarios are a big deal or a little deal. We agreed that losing our pencil is a little deal, but falling off our bike and banging our head is a bigger deal!

In literacy, we’ve learned the ‘g’ and ‘o’ sounds this week, making a ‘g’ goat and an ‘o’ octopus, and are continuing to put the sounds together to blend words. We’re continuing to develop our fine motor skills with lots of cutting, threading pasta and being creative with playdough. We also told stories about a time we were scared and made plasticine faces to show our emotions.

In numeracy, this week we’ve been focusing on the number ten. We’ve been counting out 10 items and then investigating what we can make with ten straws, cubes or blocks. We made a unicorn fairy, some of our names, houses and from Brooke a bench, two side tables and a gate!

We’re also reading lots of picturebooks for our very special role – more to follow next week.

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  1. Sounds like a great week! We will continue the theme of big deal/ little deal at home as they are doing it in p4 as well.

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