Traditional Tales

In ELC we have been having fun exploring lots of different Traditional Tales. We have done lots of different activities and ways to telling the stories, take a look and let us know what you think!

We have made our tuff spot into a “3little pigs” area, where children have been brilliant at using their imagination to act out the story with the props.

There are various fairy tale jigsaws that children have loved working together in small groups or pairs to complete.

Our home are has been turned into the “3 bears” house and there is different sized bowls, beds and bears for role play.

We have had some uncooked porridge oats in our tuff tray along with some numbers for children to explore numbers and practice pouring with bowls like the 3 bears. We also had porridge for snack one day!

In our Story corner, we have had a 3 bears story sack as another opportunity Β for children to act out the story.

We welcomed parents/carers in to share a story with us at the end of the day, and have read lots of other Traditional Tales at story times.

We have also explored stories on the smart board in the library in the school and through drama inn the gym hall!



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