2 thoughts on “April/May”

  1. We have been very busy over the last couple of months!
    We have been learning about senses, so we have done a “taste test”, we have been having unusual items in the tray to touch and feel such as stale bread and also we have done a listening game to see if we could guess what the noise was just by listening!
    We have also continued to be busy in our garden, starting to make our new “mud kitchen” area!
    Some crates have been donated to us so the children have had a great time making dens using these.

    A child brought in a planted herb from home so we have taken on this idea and been busy planting some of our own herbs!
    We have also now got a great planting area outdoors with peas and flowers growing!

  2. Sam has had such great fun with this. He’s been planting some basil at home and has been so excited to see his seeds grow into little plants. Thank you!!!!

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