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We are having a picnic!

We love to have pretend picnics in the quiet room… so we decided to have a real one! We wrote invitations to invite our friends and we had lots of preparations to do. 

We made bunting to decorate the room.

We planned our menu. Once we decided what we wanted to eat we made shopping lists and will be visiting the shops to purchase what we need.

      We can’t wait to have our picnic!

Chinese New Year

We have enjoyed some Chinese food for snack this week as part of our celebrations for the Chinese New Year.

“I don’t like the noodles but I like the rice.” Naomi.

“It’s good and yummy.” Marnie.

“I don’t like the stir fry. My daddy likes stir fry.” Euan.

“Lovely. I want some more. It’s delicious. I don’t like the corn.” Matthew.

Snack time

We are all involved in planning and preparing our snacks. We are supported to make healthy choices and we have fresh fruit and vegetables each day.

 We set the table and prepare the food and drinks.

Last week we made clootie dumpling  for snack as part of our Burns celebrations.

Today we made our own salad sandwiches. We put spread on our bread and chose our salad filling.




Roads, runways, routes and ramps

In the construction area we have been working together to develop the area. We used small construction resources to build vehicles and used the large blocks to create roads and ramps.  We added a runway for aeroplanes and have created more roads using tape.  As we play, we are exploring forces using ramps and gutters to create slopes and we are learning about direction using arrows.

Green Flag Award

Glenwood Family Centre is delighted to have once again attained Green Flag status and we received lovely feedback from the assessors:

“Congratulations in retaining your Eco-Schools Green Flag status. It was obvious from your application that your young people and school community are passionate in preserving your environment. This was evident in the many humbling and sincere comments your young people mentioned in your submission, we particularly liked Erin’s quote- “If we didn’t pick up all the rubbish then the world would be smelly and dirty“. 

We must also mention the amazing work you have done on measuring your success and demonstrating progression of your actions in a child friendly format, eg. the bottle top graph, learning journal- well done!! Measuring is so important to recognise in your journey and you have done that part of the process exceeding well.

We now look forward to hearing about your new Eco-Schools journey when you log onto the new online process. Keep up the good work!!”

The Eco-Schools Scotland Team

Please read the minutes of our Children’s committee to find out what our plans are for the coming months.



Children’s Committee

Our Children’s Committee meet regularly to discuss how to make the world a better place. The committee have been teaching the adults a lot about Children’s Voice and made us think about this-

“It will be good to talk just with the kids because adults get lots to say.” Samuel.

As adults we can all learn from this.

The minutes from our meetings can be found here-



World Porridge Day

On Wednesday 10th October, we took part in World Porridge Day and learned about others who may not have as much food as we do. Many children go hungry around the world and the only food they eat is a bowl of porridge at school. We made porridge  and we took part in the  Porridge Smiles campaign which aims to make a hungry child smile with porridge!

“It’s absolutely nice. It’s the best I’ve had.” Samuel H.

“I have porridge for breakfast.” Cillian.

Developing the Young Workforce

The children have been developing their skills for learning,  life and  work. We harvested the potatoes we grew in the garden and then decided to sell these to our families.

We had to weigh the potatoes and bag them and decide how much to sell them for.

We wrote the price on the bags and set up a stall.

We handled money, issuing change and totalled the amount of money raised.

We decided to use the proceeds to purchase more seeds so we visited Rouken Glen Garden Centre to buy more.

Some children brought in photographs of the potatoes which they had for their dinner and told us how tasty they were!

Hide, Find and Rehide

Hide, Find and Rehide

We have been busy decorating stones to hide in our local parks for our families within Glenwood and the community, to enjoy finding, rehiding and even decorating our own stones to hide.

This is a great way to get active and creative whilst spending quality time with family and friends without spending any money.

By the end of the week, we aim to have stones hidden in Eastwood Park and Rouken Glen Park. Please feel free to take your child out on a ‘stone hunt’ and even add to our collection by designing your own special stone. If you find a stone, you will be able to tell if it is one of ours as it has our twitter address on it @GlenwoodFC. Once you’ve found the stone you can take a photo, rehide it or hide one of your own, then post to twitter.

We hope you enjoy this fun experience with your children.

What you need

  • A stone (any size)
  • Paint/Pens/crayons
  • Varnish (This could be clear nail varnish)

The world of work- young builders

We were building a house using the large blocks . We used tools and took on the roles of the different people needed to build a house. We had to plan and work together and we had to take risks as we climbed up to construct the roof.

We even decided to build a shop for the workers to go to when they had a break!

Glenwood Castle

We wanted to change our role play area into something else. We shared our ideas and voted to choose a castle. We decided we needed turrets, a drawbridge and thrones for the King and Queen. We added costumes and made crowns.

We made turrets for the castle

We decorated the turrets to look like old stone.
We made a working drawbridge using pulleys to lift it up.