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Remote Learning: Useful Websites

We have created a Sway with a selection of websites that might be helpful to you at home.

We have included a selection of  sites – some online activities and games for your child, some with ideas of activities for you to try together and also some sites offering support and advice for parents and carers.

We hope you find this useful.

Go to this Sway


Remote Learning- The Great Outdoors

Being outdoors has many benefits to children’s wellbeing and development. It has a positive impact on mental health as the body increases production of the feel-good hormone serotonin and reduces production of the stress hormone cortisol. Being outdoors provides lots of opportunities for physical activity, which increases muscle strength, stamina and bone density as well as reducing obesity. The NHS recommends that children under 5 years have at least 3 hours of physical activity daily. One final benefit is that spending time outdoors can lead to improved sleep.

At the moment children do not have the option of visiting their local playpark so here are just a few ideas of what you might do together outdoors…

Scavenger Hunts turn any walk into an adventure! Look for signs of spring, shapes, things that are one chosen colour, numbers (in order), make up your own list or download one from online….






Explore nature in the garden  Go on a minibeast hunt – look under stones, pots, logs, under plants for creepy crawlies. Use an old plastic container such as a yoghurt pot to put them in if you don’t have a bug box.

Some other ideas can be found on these websites.



Gardening Even if you have no seeds to plant, it’s great exercise to help tidy up the garden by weeding and digging over the soil. You might find some minibeasts to investigate as you work.

Don’t forget to plant the sunflower seeds from your Family Learning Bag. You might try growing new plants from fruit and vegetables that you have been eating – apples, potatoes and peppers are good ones to try.

Family Sports Day Everyone likes a bit of competition!

Try some novelty races – ‘egg’ and spoon, balancing a beanbag (or rolled up pair of socks) on your head, penguin waddle (hold a ball between your knees), crab walking, wheelbarrow race, dressing up, shoe box slide (put empty shoe boxes on your feet)…

Make you own assault course – go under, over, along, up, down. Use whatever you have available – garden chairs, tables, slides, planks of wood, old sheets, skipping ropes. Time how long it takes for each person to complete.

Target games – who can get closest to the target? You could use a bucket as a target or make one on the ground. Throw balls, rolled up socks, wellies… Just make sure there is nothing breakable in the way.

Or you could make some skittles using tin cans or plastic bottles.




We hope you are inspired to have fun in the outdoors and don’t forget to share with us on Twitter @GlenwoodFC #Glenwoodlearningathome


Transition to School

Thank you to those who came to the session on moving on to school.

We are glad that you found it useful and thank you for your feedback which will help us plan our programme.

About transition to school…

“Confident in understanding the process.”

“Very confident – looking forward to primary school.”

“Feel Glenwood has well prepared my daughter.”

“Very confident with the process – hoping our son settles quickly.”

What matters to your child…


“Lunchtime, playing, seeing my brother and having a good time.”

“Squashing worries about homework.”

“Who his teacher will be.”

What matters to you…

“Smooth transition. Enjoyable, fun learning experience.”

“That my child is ready and independent enough to enjoy school.”

“School to understand my child’s needs.”

“That he is happy and feeling confident and secure about the move.”


The link to the presentation is below and if you have any further questions, please ask.

Moving On to School


Maths Walks

The sun was shining as we set off on our first walks this morning and we even spotted a semi-circle shaped moon in the sky! Our walks have different maths challenges…





Number Challenge

Have you ever spotted the numbers on lamp posts before?

I wonder what this number is for?























Shape Challenge

Squares & Rectangles
Circles & Triangles
Circle & Rectangles


































Counting Challenge

The Orange Group setting off in the rain
Counting our collection













Pattern Challenge

Patterns can be found in all sorts of places…





















Measure Challenge

The biggest puddle!
The shortest tree!
The tallest tree
This tree is 4 children in circumference!
Who has the longest and shortest sticks?

Maths Week Scotland is coming!

Maths Week Scotland is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits, joy and beauty of maths.

Each group will be going on a walk in the local community to investigate one area of maths together and we would like parents and carers to join us!

Please sign up with your child’s key worker if you can join us – the group timetable is here : Maths Week Walks

Watch out for more Maths Week Challenges to come!


Woodland Adventures

Our weekly Woodland Adventures have begun!  We were delighted to be joined by some parents last Friday despite the rain – here are a few photos to show you what we got up to.

We made our own rope swing.



A shelter to keep us dry.
Hunting for minibeasts.
Examining the minibeasts we found.
We found beetles, woodlice, millipedes and centipedes.






























A game of Pooh Sticks on our way back to nursery.

Malawi Mayhem


Thank you to those who were able to come along and join us for our day of Malawi Mayhem on Friday. Thank you also for your donations which will help me on the way to raising my £3000 target for my trip in September.

For those who were not able to make it, the display boards are in the cloakroom to tell you a bit more about my upcoming adventure – along with the collection box!

Here are a few photographs to show what we got up to…

Carrier bag ball in action!
Children in Malawi make their own balls.
Which exotic fruit was the favourite?


This game is called “bawo”
Making African tribal masks.
Designing our own flags

Fishing in Lake Malawi
Water carrying challenge
Water carrying challenge
“phala” is the porridge that the children get for lunch
We are not sure that we would like “phala” for lunch every day!

Malawi Mayhem


We are learning this week about life in Malawi. Some of the things we have done so far are:

  • tasting exotic fruit to find out which is our favourite
  • making our own footballs from plastic bags
  • playing the board game bawo
  • printing colourful patterns on to fabric

To find out more about Malawi click on the link below


Click on any of the photos to make them bigger and look at the pictures underneath. You can also watch the videos!

Don’t forget you can find out more and about Mrs Husbands trip to teach in Malawi in September by coming along on Friday 16th any time between 9.30 & 11.30am or 1.30 & 3.30pm.


Moving On to School

Thank you to all parents and grandparents who came to our information sessions on transition to primary school. For those who were unable to attend, here is a brief outline of what was discussed.

At Glenwood we aim to support the transition of all our pre-school children on to primary school, regardless of their pattern of attendance or the school which you have applied for.

In addition, each school will have their own induction programme and will contact you directly about this.

All pre-school children will be part of our Moving On Group. They will have regular opportunities to work together, beginning their morning/afternoon with Welcome Time in the Meadow Room and spending approximately an hour together. Our Woodland Adventures will also be an opportunity for pre-school children to work together and will take place on a Wednesday.

We will be encouraging all the children to develop their resilience and transferable social skills, as well as gross and fine motor skills, literacy and numeracy skills, and thinking about what school will be like. We will do this through:

  • Experiences within the playroom – independent and adult led, problem solving, cooperating with others…
  • Toadstool Tales – building on Woodland Adventures
  • Outdoors – playground games, developing physical skills
  • Travelling Hamish – each child will have a turn to take Hamish and his Whirrybang on an adventure, fill in his diary and share their experience with their group!
Hamish McHaggis

Preparing your child for school:

  • promote literacy and numeracy through natural opportunities – writing at the child’s own level
  • encourage independence – carrying own bag, getting dressed, eating with a knife and fork, following instructions…
  • gross & fine motor skills – spacial awareness, scissors, hopping, skipping…

Sharing of information with schools:

  • Continuous curriculum at the Early Level (Curriculum for Excellence 3-18)
  • Summative Report – your child’s achievements in Health & Wellbeing, Literacy, Numeracy and other areas.
  • Conversation with school personnel using the GIRFEC indicators
  • STINT/Wellbeing plans and Care Plans

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.



Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The children and their teddy bears went down to the woods today and certainly got a surprise! Our woodland site had been transformed ready for our picnics!


“We noticed banners were up because it was a birthday for the nursery.”- Connor

“We had to bring our teddy bears.”- Eilish-Lucy

“I had a jam sandwich and Pom bears. “- Eilidh

I loved when we sang ‘Jack-in-the-box’.”- Martha

We had a fantastic day and we hope our parents did too.


The Willow Room have been learning about creatures who live under the sea and today Miss Davidson brought in a live lobster for us to see.

After we had investigated her and asked lots of questions to find out more, some of the children painted pictures of what they could see.

Rosalie’s mum came to nursery this afternoon and told us lots of interesting facts about lobsters. Did you know they can be right or left clawed just like we can be right or left handed?

Some of us were brave enough to touch the lobster
Some of us were brave enough to touch the lobster
We counted the lobsters legs
We counted the lobsters legs


We even looked underneath the lobster
We even looked underneath the lobster


A painting of the lobster
A painting of the lobster


A lobster's teeth are in its stomach
A lobster’s teeth are in its stomach
Our lobster had 12 brains
Our lobster had 12 brains