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Recently, the children had the opportunity to learn about and celebrate Diwali. The children were able to choose from different experiences throughout the nursery. 

The children in the Orchard room got to create their own fireworks in the shaving foam and there was lots of discussion . 

“Oh look red, that is my favourite colour.”

“ I like how the colour is splashed all over.”

  “I love fireworks.”

In the Orchard room the children also go to try and make Chapatis. The children did very well following the recipe and listening to what we needed to do. The children were very patient in waiting for their turn.

“We need to pour until it says 100.”

“ I love baking.”

“These taste good ….. I love them.”

The children in the Willow room, participated in a variety of Diwali experiences as they learned about The Festival Of  Light. They listened to the story of Rama and Sita with great interest. The children were keen to ask and answer questions about the story. We discussed ways that we can be kind to each other and how our behaviour can affect others. The children were given time to discuss and share their own experiences.

“I can be kind by helping to tidy the playroom.”

“I can share with my friends.”

Some of the children designed Divas made from clay. The children demonstrated good concentration and followed the instructions well. 

They also had the opportunity to design Rangoli Patterns. 

“Wow look what I made!”

“ Can I take this home to show my mummy.”

Happy Diwali

We have been exploring the festival of Diwali.

Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world.

The children have been busy creating ‘Rangoli’ pictures, making lanterns and reading books about the festival and why it is celebrated!

“These Patterns are nice, I’m going to make one” CW

“I can copy this one I think. Actually no,  I will do it myself” LW

“Pattern” FM

“My pattern has loads of colours just like the book”. AK

“We are making rangoli pictures and cutting them out” AB

“I like the one in the book with the glitter, that’s what I want to make” LM


Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim families. We have been learning about Ramadan and Eid festivities and shared a story Aleena brought into nursery. Some of our children told us about how they celebrated Eid last Wednesday with their families.

“I went to the Mosque and I got presents. I got a microphone.” Ayla.

“It wasn’t a good Eid because it was raining. We had to watch for puddles when we were getting our photos taken.” Zara.

“I got my hands painted with Mendhi”. Zainab.

“So did I.” Azan.

Chinese New Year

We have enjoyed some Chinese food for snack this week as part of our celebrations for the Chinese New Year.

“I don’t like the noodles but I like the rice.” Naomi.

“It’s good and yummy.” Marnie.

“I don’t like the stir fry. My daddy likes stir fry.” Euan.

“Lovely. I want some more. It’s delicious. I don’t like the corn.” Matthew.

One Planet Picnic Pocket Garden

We are taking part in the One Planet Picnic Pocket Garden design competition. We are designing and planning a sustainable garden which can be either based on growing food or a wildlife garden linked with the Global Goals. The Global Goals aim to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change.

The children have been very busy gathering and sharing their ideas as we plan our garden.


Christmas in Glenwood

We have been learning about the first Christmas and hear the Christian story of the birth of Baby Jesus. We have decorated the Christmas trees and we are learning the songs for our Nativity play. We changed our house corner into Santa’s workshop! We even made a Christmas wreath during our Woodland Adventures!

Decorating the Christmas tree
Our Christmas wreath


Fairtrade Fortnight

We have been learning about Fairtrade goods. We have been thinking about where our food comes from and the importance of food producers and workers around the world being paid a fair wage. We held a Fairtrade shop in the nursery and raised £277.65 to support Rainbow Turtle Fairtrade shop.

We visited our local Sainbury’s store and identified many Fairtrade goods including flowers, sugar, chocolate and bananas.

We made chocolate and banana muffins using our Fairtrade purchases. They smelled lovely and tasted yummy!

Christmas events in Glenwood

Nativity- Christmas Eve in the Toy Shop

Our Nativity takes place on Monday 19th December in Our Lady of the Missions junior gym hall (the building closest to us). This year we are having one performance in the morning and one in the afternoon.

  • Parents/ guardians of children who attend in the morning are invited to come to watch us perform at 11.00am. (Doors open for parents at 10.50am)
  • Parents/ guardians of children who attend in the afternoon are invited to come to watch us perform at 2.00pm. (Doors open for parents at 1.50pm)

Every family has been allocated two tickets. A limited number of additional tickets will be available maximum one extra per family. Doors open for each performance 10 minutes before start time. All children should attend nursery for their full session and children MUST be dropped off and collected from Glenwood Family Centre, not OLM primary.

Tuesday 20th December – Christmas Party. Children can wear party clothes. I wonder if we may have a special visitor!


Christmas Giving Tree

pc151367 pc151366Thank you to all our families who have already donated a gift through our Giving Tree. This year we are once again supporting the local charity Govan Starter Packs . If you wish to take part, you and your child can select a gift tag from the giving tree (in the cloakroom) and buy the gift suggested. The tags will indicate who you are buying the present for. We hope that by involving the children in the buying the gift, the children will experience the fun of giving to others.


Please help your child secure the tag onto the unwrapped gift and return to the nursery by Friday 16th December.


Christmas in Glenwood

Now that December has arrived we are busy in Glenwood preparing for Christmas. We have our Christmas trees up and the children have been busy making decorations. We have been reading the story of the first Christmas. We have started our Nativity rehearsals and look forward to inviting our parents to come to watch us perform.

We had to sort the branches according to size using the coloured tags.
Next, we had to position the branches ready for decorating.