Recently, the children had the opportunity to learn about and celebrate Diwali. The children were able to choose from different experiences throughout the nursery. 

The children in the Orchard room got to create their own fireworks in the shaving foam and there was lots of discussion . 

“Oh look red, that is my favourite colour.”

“ I like how the colour is splashed all over.”

  “I love fireworks.”

In the Orchard room the children also go to try and make Chapatis. The children did very well following the recipe and listening to what we needed to do. The children were very patient in waiting for their turn.

“We need to pour until it says 100.”

“ I love baking.”

“These taste good ….. I love them.”

The children in the Willow room, participated in a variety of Diwali experiences as they learned about The Festival Of  Light. They listened to the story of Rama and Sita with great interest. The children were keen to ask and answer questions about the story. We discussed ways that we can be kind to each other and how our behaviour can affect others. The children were given time to discuss and share their own experiences.

“I can be kind by helping to tidy the playroom.”

“I can share with my friends.”

Some of the children designed Divas made from clay. The children demonstrated good concentration and followed the instructions well. 

They also had the opportunity to design Rangoli Patterns. 

“Wow look what I made!”

“ Can I take this home to show my mummy.”

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