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Terrific Triangles

Working with Starcatchers, we developed a creative project on triangles. Children and parents brought lots of lovely triangles from home (thank you). 

Child: “The triangles are all different sizes.  Oh, Look at them, they are all my favourite. I made some at home, here they are.”

Then  …….

…we made more at Glenwood using lots of different materials to decorate.


…we cut slots into our triangles. We tried scissors and then saws.

…we found we could make 3D shapes by connecting them together and we could make lots of different shapes. 


…we took some outside and made a traffic jam with lots of cars.

…we were thinking about our community and neighbours and being ‘intergenerational’. So we made some into bunting and delivered it to our friends with a card. We wrote:

“We are thinking of you and hope our triangles make you happy”.

Parent: “I really liked the idea of the triangles and having something to work with my child at home and bring in. It made me feel more connected to the nursery at this time when we can’t come in”. 

Maths Week Scotland

We celebrated Maths Week Scotland by taking part in many mathematical activities both indoors and out.

We went on a Maths Walk in our local area and spotted numbers, shapes and patterns all around us.

Our Family Fun Bags took maths into our families’ homes as they made playdough and used the playdough for mathematical activities such as measuring, counting and number rhymes.

Remote learning- We’re Going to go to School Soon… week 4

Wow, we have now reached week 4 of our transition to school programme and I know many of you have been taking part in lots of the activities. Very soon you will be invited to come to Glenwood as part of a small group and we will be doing a few of the activities together.  We look forward to seeing you!

Don’t forget to keep a record of the activities you select each week- perhaps photos, drawing and comments in a jotter or scrapbook.

We’re Going to go to School Soon Week 4

Remote Learning- We’re Going to go to School Soon…. week 3

It has been great to see all the learning our pre-schoolers are sharing as they take part in our school transitions programme based on the story,  “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen.

Keep sharing these by tagging us and your primary school on Twitter.

Here are the suggested activities for week 3…. As always, remember you don’t need to do everything suggested or spend a long time on this. Simply pick the activities which suit your child’s interests and a do a little bit when it suits you  throughout the week.

3. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt- week 3


Remote Learning- daily routines

Although it may be tempting to forget about routines and structures at this time, it can help children to feel safe during periods of uncertainty when there is some structure and routine. Ideas for supporting this include-

  • set times for going to bed and getting up in the morning where possible
  • build in time for fresh air and exercise
  • create a variety of activities such as games, art activities, music, play, garden activities and reading
  • make a daily plan with your child and share this with them the night before
  • limit their time on electronic devices where possible (but don’t cut yourself up if you have to use them to allow you to get things done!) Electronics can be great motivators for some children so if you have a daily plan, put electronics after the thing you want done.
  • respect each others’ privacy and give space when you can
  • take time to review the daily activities to help your child get a sense of accomplishment

In nursery, we use visuals to support children with routines and making choices and these can easily be adapted for the home. Why not draw some different images onto small cards and use to create sequence charts, choice boards, daily schedules or a weekly activity plan. Doing this together with your child will help them to develop an understanding of the choices available and the plans you have in place.

2 or 3 (or more) part sequence boards can help your child understand routines and help them see when they will be doing something.

Choice cards can be used to help your child make decisions and give them control of what they can do. Forced choices are when you present options which you have selected but your child gets the final say. For example, an apple or some grapes….. but not a biscuit! Drawing, hearing a story or playing with lego…. but no option of electronics!

This school timetable can easily be adapted to create your own weekly schedule.


STEM curriculum evening

Thank you to all the parents who attended our recent STEM curriculum evening and to the whole staff team for showcasing our learning and making this evening a huge success. Our parents loved trying out some of the experiences on offer and feedback was very positive and encouraging.

Great to see all the stimulating and fun activities and nice to talk with staff and parents.

So lovely to see the amazing resources and have a chance to meet other staff members – really lovely group.

Thank you for all the staff’s knowledge and expertise!

The resources were fantastic, in particular the technology.

Loved the ideas for playing and learning at home and seeing what children do at nursery.

I wish I could provide constructive feedback, but nope! The evening and it’s content was perfect! So much effort made! Such a shame more parents didn’t come along.

If you didn’t manage along, see what you missed here STEM in Glenwood presentation

Exploring the properties of gloop
Using our Chromebooks to make playdough
Mini-beast hunt
Architect sharing plans for our new centre
More explorations with cornflour and water to make gloop
Vinegar, red powder paint and bicarbonate of soda…..
…it’s a volcano!
Spaghetti constructions
Playdough fun
Gloop- solid or liquid?

Supporting Loss, Grief and Bereavement

Loss is a common occurrence which affects individuals in very different ways.   Loss is most often considered to be a negative or painful process and one which requires time, space and the support of others to aid recovery.  This is especially true for loss suffered through death. Regardless of age, the experience of bereavement is significant and can be life changing.

The following leaflets are designed to support children and families facing loss, grief and bereavement. Further advice and resources are available from staff.

Bereavement in Childhood Leaflet for Children and Young People

Final Bereavement in Childhood Leaflet Parents Final