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Developing the Young Workforce

The children have been developing their skills for learning,  life and  work. We harvested the potatoes we grew in the garden and then decided to sell these to our families.

We had to weigh the potatoes and bag them and decide how much to sell them for.

We wrote the price on the bags and set up a stall.

We handled money, issuing change and totalled the amount of money raised.

We decided to use the proceeds to purchase more seeds so we visited Rouken Glen Garden Centre to buy more.

Some children brought in photographs of the potatoes which they had for their dinner and told us how tasty they were!

Hide, Find and Rehide

Hide, Find and Rehide

We have been busy decorating stones to hide in our local parks for our families within Glenwood and the community, to enjoy finding, rehiding and even decorating our own stones to hide.

This is a great way to get active and creative whilst spending quality time with family and friends without spending any money.

By the end of the week, we aim to have stones hidden in Eastwood Park and Rouken Glen Park. Please feel free to take your child out on a ‘stone hunt’ and even add to our collection by designing your own special stone. If you find a stone, you will be able to tell if it is one of ours as it has our twitter address on it @GlenwoodFC. Once you’ve found the stone you can take a photo, rehide it or hide one of your own, then post to twitter.

We hope you enjoy this fun experience with your children.

What you need

  • A stone (any size)
  • Paint/Pens/crayons
  • Varnish (This could be clear nail varnish)

Hands up Scotland travel survey

We took part in the Hands up Scotland travel survey asking “How do you normally travel to school?” Most children travel by car. Many children walk to nursery or come by scooter. A few travel by bike and one child travels on the bus.

Lots of children travel by car. Perhaps there are times when you can walk all or part of the way?

Perhaps you can consider one of the more healthy and ECO friendly ways to travel on occasion? Or park a little further from the nursery and walk part of the way?

Healthier and more ECO friendly (and fun!) options include walking, cycling and coming by scooter.


Let’s Play

At Glenwood Family Centre this summer parents/carers and children were invited along to take part in a new project called ‘Let’s Play’. Parents had the opportunity to take part in three workshops with Gillian Thorburn (Educational Psychologist) and Lissa Duffy (Depute Head of Centre at Carlibar Family Centre)and staff from Glenwood where they were given information on attachment theory and nurturing approaches, the benefits of play and the adults role in facilitating and scaffolding during play. They were then given time to play with their children in the playroom.

 Each day had a different theme.

Day one we had ‘Let’s get messy’ where parents and children had fun using their senses to explore glitter shaving foam. Older and younger siblings were invited along too and had loads of fun making their own play dough and exploring cold slimy spaghetti that we had put out in the tough spot.

Day two was ‘Let’s get risky’ where parents/carers and children had the opportunity to use a variety of tools and materials at the woodwork station to make their own models. They used glue guns, hammers, nails and drills, giving them the opportunity to learn how to use tools safely and build some amazing models which they took home.

Day three was ‘Let’s use our imaginations’. This was a great day to show that children don’t need expensive toys to play with and that everyday items we have in the house can be used. We had scarfs, bangles, cardboard boxes, sheets, string and clothes pegs for families to dress up and take part in den building. We put other resources out to encourage children to make up their own stories including puppets, dinosaurs and animals.

Parent comments

“It was great being able to take part in activities that were suitable for both my children. I now have loads of messy play ideas that don’t cost a lot of money and are easy to do like making play dough and gloop.”

“Not only did I have loads of fun by my older child was desperate to come back after day one and loved using all the tools at the woodwork bench to make a model, she was very proud of it.”

“I was really interested on hearing about how the baby brain develops and about child directed play. The sessions helped me to understand why play is so important for my children.”

“It was so much fun.”

“Love the idea of the cornflour mix. Brilliant texture and loads of fun.”

“It was more like speaking with friends. We were all learning together.”

Sports Day Fun!

We had a fantastic sports day on Manday12th June and we were not put off by the threatening weather! Children ran, threw basketballs, galloped on “hockey-horses”, balanced bean bags and tennis balls, dribbled footballs and generally had lots of fun as we practised our skills. The sports leaders and Mr McCann from Our Lady of the Missions did a fantastic job of organising the day and we loved having our parents and grandparents to cheer us on.

Glenwood Gardens

Thank you to Sue Griffiths (Anthony’s gran) who diligently tends to our gardens one a regular basis and has recently brought a touch of springtime to our entrance. If you would like to help in any way- weeding, digging, planting flowers and vegetables- please speak with Mrs Buchan who leads the Gardening group. This is a group of parents and grandparents who lend a hand around the nursery grounds when they can. Anyone can get involved. No PVG is required as you are not working directly with the children.

Christmas events in Glenwood

Nativity- Christmas Eve in the Toy Shop

Our Nativity takes place on Monday 19th December in Our Lady of the Missions junior gym hall (the building closest to us). This year we are having one performance in the morning and one in the afternoon.

  • Parents/ guardians of children who attend in the morning are invited to come to watch us perform at 11.00am. (Doors open for parents at 10.50am)
  • Parents/ guardians of children who attend in the afternoon are invited to come to watch us perform at 2.00pm. (Doors open for parents at 1.50pm)

Every family has been allocated two tickets. A limited number of additional tickets will be available maximum one extra per family. Doors open for each performance 10 minutes before start time. All children should attend nursery for their full session and children MUST be dropped off and collected from Glenwood Family Centre, not OLM primary.

Tuesday 20th December – Christmas Party. Children can wear party clothes. I wonder if we may have a special visitor!


Christmas Giving Tree

pc151367 pc151366Thank you to all our families who have already donated a gift through our Giving Tree. This year we are once again supporting the local charity Govan Starter Packs . If you wish to take part, you and your child can select a gift tag from the giving tree (in the cloakroom) and buy the gift suggested. The tags will indicate who you are buying the present for. We hope that by involving the children in the buying the gift, the children will experience the fun of giving to others.


Please help your child secure the tag onto the unwrapped gift and return to the nursery by Friday 16th December.


No Smoking!


From 5th of December 2016, a person smoking in a car which is carrying passengers under 18 years of age will be breaking the law. Offenders could face a £100 fixed penalty fine.

The Smoking Prohibition (Children in Motor Vehicles) (Scotland) Act 2016, creates a new criminal offence, committed by any adult (aged 18 or over), where that adult smokes in a private motor vehicle in the presence of a child (under 18years of age), while that vehicle is in a public place. The aim of the legislation is to protect children and young people from the harmful effects of exposure to second-hand smoke (SHS) in a confined space.

Exposure to second-hand smoke in cars involves higher concentrations of health-threatening chemicals than in larger, open areas. Even if the windows are opened or air conditioning is used, harmful particles can remain in the atmosphere long after the visible smoke has disappeared. The restriction of a vehicle also means individuals are unable to move away from the smoke.

We all have an obligation to protect children and young people from the risks to their life and health, caused by the exposure to second hand smoke and ensure that every child in Scotland has the best start in life. Growing up in a smoke-free environment is an important part of that.

The Scottish Government hope that the introduction of this legislation will help their drive to cut the number of children exposed to second-hand smoke to 6 per cent by 2020. This is a momentous step in pulling Scotland on the path to becoming a tobacco-free generation.

For more information, visit the Healthier Scotland website.

Crazy Hair Day!

Today staff and children joined in the fun of Crazy Hair Day. Coloured hairspray, gel and fancy ribbons everywhere!  We brought a raffle prize for the Dungaree Dip Raffle and wore our hair in  crazy styles. The Dungaree Dip raffle has been organised by the Parents’ Committee to raise money to replenish our dungarees for outdoors. Money and prizes can be handed in to the office. The raffle will be drawn on Friday 2nd December. Top prize is a kid’s Kindle.








Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The children and their teddy bears went down to the woods today and certainly got a surprise! Our woodland site had been transformed ready for our picnics!


“We noticed banners were up because it was a birthday for the nursery.”- Connor

“We had to bring our teddy bears.”- Eilish-Lucy

“I had a jam sandwich and Pom bears. “- Eilidh

I loved when we sang ‘Jack-in-the-box’.”- Martha

We had a fantastic day and we hope our parents did too.