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Glenwood Family Centre- Time Capsule

We chose to mark the end of our first session in the new building with a Time Capsule, positioned at the front entrance and within the heart of the community in Eastwood Park, signifying our place in the heart of the community. We marked the spot with a toadstool, which came from the garden of the old building from a wooded area known as Toadstool Tales.

This letter was placed inside the Time Capsule- 

Glenwood Nursery School opened officially on 4th October, 1976 in a purpose built building on Woodfarm Road, with a capacity of 80 children in the morning and 80 in the afternoon. The first entry in the log book dated 10th November 1976 states, “ the waiting list opened on 13th September, and mothers have been enquiring daily ever since. Even at that numbers are slow to rise. At this moment we have 50 morning and 26 afternoon children. At this date we have one Head Teacher, one Assistant Teacher and five Nursery Nurses.”

The first head teacher was Mrs Elizabeth Anderson (became McDowell). She was succeeded briefly by Mrs Robertson, acting head teacher, in January 1990 before Mrs Karin Gilhooly took on the role on 3rd September, 1990. Mrs Gilhooly retired in June 2013 and I, Lorraine Brown, was appointed permanently in October 2013.

In 2015 Glenwood Nursery School became Glenwood Family Centre and we began operating throughout the year. Soon after, Scottish Government plans were announced for every child to receive 1140 hours of early learning and childcare by 2020 and so, to meet the increased demand, a new centre was planned due to open in August 2020. The new building was to be sited close to the old building. This was a much more prominent site, in the heart of Eastwood Park.

Unfortunately the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in 2020 resulted in the country going into lockdown and the opening of the building was delayed. The new building finally opened during a second lockdown at the start of 2021. We welcomed the first of our children on 1st February 2021, opening only to children whose parents were key workers or vulnerable children who were attending the Hub provision. The first children to step through our doors were Lewis and Cameron Wilkinson. On 22nd February 2021 we fully opened for all children. Our role at February 2021 was 141 children, with a head teacher, a principal teacher, a teacher, a depute head of centre, a senior child development officer, 16 child development officers (including 4 part time), 5 part time early years play workers, 2 business support assistants and 2 janitor/ cleaners.

The new centre has a capacity of 180 children at any one time, with children attending various patterns across the week to meet the needs of the families. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm every week day except public holidays and in-service days.

We hope that upon opening this Time Capsule, you will experience some of the thrill of learning about the past and the history of Glenwood. We have had an eventful journey recently due to coronavirus however the spirit of Glenwood is strong and we hope this continues long into the future. 

Love and Best Wishes

Mrs Lorraine Brown

Head Teacher

25th June, 2021





Terrific Triangles

Working with Starcatchers, we developed a creative project on triangles. Children and parents brought lots of lovely triangles from home (thank you). 

Child: “The triangles are all different sizes.  Oh, Look at them, they are all my favourite. I made some at home, here they are.”

Then  …….

…we made more at Glenwood using lots of different materials to decorate.


…we cut slots into our triangles. We tried scissors and then saws.

…we found we could make 3D shapes by connecting them together and we could make lots of different shapes. 


…we took some outside and made a traffic jam with lots of cars.

…we were thinking about our community and neighbours and being ‘intergenerational’. So we made some into bunting and delivered it to our friends with a card. We wrote:

“We are thinking of you and hope our triangles make you happy”.

Parent: “I really liked the idea of the triangles and having something to work with my child at home and bring in. It made me feel more connected to the nursery at this time when we can’t come in”. 

Green Flag Award

Glenwood Family Centre is delighted to have once again attained Green Flag status and we received lovely feedback from the assessors:

“Congratulations in retaining your Eco-Schools Green Flag status. It was obvious from your application that your young people and school community are passionate in preserving your environment. This was evident in the many humbling and sincere comments your young people mentioned in your submission, we particularly liked Erin’s quote- “If we didn’t pick up all the rubbish then the world would be smelly and dirty“. 

We must also mention the amazing work you have done on measuring your success and demonstrating progression of your actions in a child friendly format, eg. the bottle top graph, learning journal- well done!! Measuring is so important to recognise in your journey and you have done that part of the process exceeding well.

We now look forward to hearing about your new Eco-Schools journey when you log onto the new online process. Keep up the good work!!”

The Eco-Schools Scotland Team

Please read the minutes of our Children’s committee to find out what our plans are for the coming months.



One Planet Picnic Pocket Garden

We are delighted to announce that Glenwood Family Centre’s design for the One Planet Picnic Pocket Garden has been selected as a winning entry in the ECO Scotland competition! Our next step is to develop our garden for display in the Garden for Life area of Gardening Scotland, the national gardening and outdoor living show and Scotland’s gardening festival, which takes place from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd June at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh.

Our design is for a Living Foodbank which will produce fruit and vegetables for families in need. “If you don’t have any food you can come and take some food from the garden.”

Greenbank Gardens Wheelbarrow competition

We are taking part in National Trust for Scotland’s annual wheelbarrow competition. Each year, local schools and nurseries design and plant a garden a wheelbarrow for show in Greenbank Gardens. This year the theme is Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology. Children visited Rouken Glen garden centre to select and purchase plants and have been busy researching and making a volcano and dinosaurs to represent the theme.

If you or your family or friends plan to visit Greenbank Gardens on Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th June please look out for our entry and don’t forget to vote. The winning wheelbarrow is the one which receives the most public votes. This year, Greenbank are offering free entry for parents and an additional 20% discount on catering items. Flyers will be available this week.


Christmas events in Glenwood

Nativity- Christmas Eve in the Toy Shop

Our Nativity takes place on Monday 19th December in Our Lady of the Missions junior gym hall (the building closest to us). This year we are having one performance in the morning and one in the afternoon.

  • Parents/ guardians of children who attend in the morning are invited to come to watch us perform at 11.00am. (Doors open for parents at 10.50am)
  • Parents/ guardians of children who attend in the afternoon are invited to come to watch us perform at 2.00pm. (Doors open for parents at 1.50pm)

Every family has been allocated two tickets. A limited number of additional tickets will be available maximum one extra per family. Doors open for each performance 10 minutes before start time. All children should attend nursery for their full session and children MUST be dropped off and collected from Glenwood Family Centre, not OLM primary.

Tuesday 20th December – Christmas Party. Children can wear party clothes. I wonder if we may have a special visitor!


40th Birthday Plans

Glenwood is 40 years old this year. We officially opened on 4th October 1976 and we are busy making plans to celebrate our birthday on 4th October 2016. The children decided to have a Teddy Bears’ Picnic and parents are invited to join us. Don’t forget your teddy bear! In preparation, the children have made invitations, planned menus and have made bunting to decorate the woods.There will be a vintage style afternoon tea for invited guests later in the afternoon.

p9280958 p9280957

“Please come to our Teddy Bears Picnic.”


“Please come to our Afternoon Tea.”



Eco Schools Green Flag

ecoschool logo

Congratulations to all the children, parents and staff who have continued to work hard over the past two years and helped us to be Eco-friendly and retain our Green Flag Status.

Here are some of the comments from the report:

“I particularly liked that the children made healthy oven chips from the potatoes they had grown.”

“Your work on charitable causes is also extensive.”

“It is clear that Eco-Schools projects are driven by the interests and questions of the children themselves. It is brilliant to see children taking the lead like this.”

“An excellent strong application and a great example for other Early Years settings – keep up the great work!”

Thank you again for your support and if you are interested in becoming a member of our Eco-Committee alongside the children, please speak to a member of staff.

Den Day


We raised £61.37 for Save the Children when we took part in Den day. Parents joined us and we built dens, created models of shelters, designed logos and cooked bread on an open fire, all to raise awareness of the plight of many children living without the right to shelter.








Some feedback from parents.

“Den building day was a fantastic opportunity for parental involvement. It was very well organised and it was lovely to see the children enjoying the outdoors and actively participating.”

“A great afternoon spent outside with the children. I enjoyed spending time at the fire and helping to build dens.”

“Great opportunity to have parent participation. Good unstructured play where they really are getting an opportunity to use imagination and freedom of play.”

“Den day was a fantastic way to raise awareness of a very worthy charity and teach the children important skills in a fun way. So pleased to have been able to join in. Very well organised.”