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Green Flag Award

Glenwood Family Centre is delighted to have once again attained Green Flag status and we received lovely feedback from the assessors:

“Congratulations in retaining your Eco-Schools Green Flag status. It was obvious from your application that your young people and school community are passionate in preserving your environment. This was evident in the many humbling and sincere comments your young people mentioned in your submission, we particularly liked Erin’s quote- “If we didn’t pick up all the rubbish then the world would be smelly and dirty“. 

We must also mention the amazing work you have done on measuring your success and demonstrating progression of your actions in a child friendly format, eg. the bottle top graph, learning journal- well done!! Measuring is so important to recognise in your journey and you have done that part of the process exceeding well.

We now look forward to hearing about your new Eco-Schools journey when you log onto the new online process. Keep up the good work!!”

The Eco-Schools Scotland Team

Please read the minutes of our Children’s committee to find out what our plans are for the coming months.