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Sports Day Fun!

We had a fantastic sports day on Manday12th June and we were not put off by the threatening weather! Children ran, threw basketballs, galloped on “hockey-horses”, balanced bean bags and tennis balls, dribbled footballs and generally had lots of fun as we practised our skills. The sports leaders and Mr McCann from Our Lady of the Missions did a fantastic job of organising the day and we loved having our parents and grandparents to cheer us on.

Glenwood Sports Day 2016

We had a fantastic sports day thanks to the P7 sports leaders from Our Lady of the Missions Primary and Kerry Comerford, the active schools co-ordinator.


The children practised many skills including balancing, galloping, running, throwing, dribbling a ball and skipping. Well done to staff and children alike for all the energy and enthusiasm shown. And thankfully the rain stayed away (just about!).





Even Hamish McHaggis joined in the fun!