Welcome to Eastwood High School’s Physics department.

Within the Physics department there are a number of courses available:

S3 – Broad General Education.

S4 – National 4 or National 5.

S5/6 – National 5 or CfE Higher Physics.

S6 only – CfE Advanced Higher Physics.

You will learn a wide and varied knowledge from topics such as “Waves & Radiations”; “Dynamics & Space”; and “Energy & Electricity”.  As well as this, skills such as report writing, analysing data (by calculating averages and percentages) and presenting data (by producing bar charts and line graphs) will be taught, as numeracy and literacy skills are very important within Physics!

You will also get to take part in fun and exciting practical activities that every Physicist should experience, such as: measuring the speed of sound in air; electricity and the Van de Graaff generator; and testing the frequency range of your hearing.

Throughout each of the courses you will complete end of unit assessments, as well as weekly homeworks.  These allow us to track your progress which provides us with important information in how to further your success.

Help is always on hand within Physics department as we provide a number of supported study sessions throughout the year, either during lunchtimes or after school.  There are also a number of great websites that can be used to help improve your knowledge and understanding:


National 5 Resources


Waves and Radiation Summary Notes

Dynamics and Space Summary Notes

Electricity Summary Notes

Energy and Properties of Matter Summary Notes

Waves and Radiation Pastpapers

Electricity and Properties of Matter Pastpapers

Dynamics and Space Pastpapers


Higher Resources

Electricity Past Papers

Our Dynamic Universe Past Papers

Particles and Waves Past Papers

Electricity Summary Notes

Our Dynamic Universe Summary Notes

Particles _ Waves Summary Notes

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