Staff List 2023/2024

Senior Management Team

Mrs Kate Sinclair                         Head Teacher

Mrs Judith Boulton-Jones     DHT S1/6             Modern Languages

Mr Christopher McKenna      DHT S2                  Social Subjects

Mrs Allison MacKinnon           DHT S3                   Eng/Learning Support

Mr Christopher Morris             DHT S4                  Mathematics

Mrs Emma Gordon                      DHT S5                  English


Mr Ross Williams – Principal Teacher Pupil Support

Ms Wendy Jenkins – Principal Teacher Pupil Support

Miss Caitlin Macaulay

Learning Support

Mrs Audrey Bonini – Principal Teacher Learning Support

Mrs Alison Bethel 0.4FTE

Mr Paul Law

Mrs Elinor Mair 0.6 FTE

Mrs Alison MacKinnon – DHT

Miss Elizabeth Walker


Mr Roderick Brannan – Principal Teacher English & Literacy

Mr David Andrews

Miss Lauren Baillie – Principal Teacher Development

Miss Louise Brett

Mr Paul Brotherston – NQT

Mr Joseph Evans

Mrs Emma Gordon – DHT

Mrs Susan Hunt 0.4 FTE

Miss Lilith Johnstone

Ms Emma Matheson

Miss Mel Ryan


Mr Chris Mackison – Principal Teacher Maths & Numeracy

Mr John Carr

Miss Kayleigh Cassidy

Mrs Zoe Doherty – MAT leave

Mrs Bally Dosanjh-Bhatti – MAT Cover

Mr David Ingram

Mr Chris Morris – DHT

Mrs Pauline Rorison – Principal Teacher Pupil Support

Miss Claire Shannon

Mr Andrew Shirra

Mr Nigel Otley

Social Subjects

Mrs Fiona Malcolm  (History & Mod Stud) – Principal Teacher Social Subjects

Mr William Aumonier (RMPS) – NQT

Mrs Yvonne Bell (History & Modern Studies)

Miss Claire Dawson (Modern Studies)

Miss Courteney Dobson (Modern Studies) – NQT

Miss Gillian Kelly (Geography)

Mr Michael McDiarmid (History & RMPS)

Mr Christopher McKenna (History & Modern Studies) – DHT

Miss Gayle McGeough (Geography)

Mrs Lindsay Morton (RMPS)

Mrs Claire Raeburn (Geography) – Principal Teacher Development (Acting)

Miss Sarah Rafferty (RMPS)

Modern Languages

Mrs Nicola Kendall – Principal Teacher Mod Lang & Inter Educ

Mrs Judith Boulton-Jones – DHT

Miss Beth Brown – Principal Teacher DYW

Mrs Shona Gorrie 0.5 FTE MAT  Cover

Mrs Rhona Metcalfe  0.5 FTE MAT Leave

Miss Claire Paterson

Mr Jamie Ratter

Miss Caitlin Sweeney


Mr Martin McCormick – Principal Teacher Biology & Science

Miss Aarifh Akthar – NQT

Miss Debbie Boyle MAT Cover

Dr Yvonne Gibson

Mrs Gayle Milby

Mrs Kelly Taylor-MacKenzie MAT Leave

Mrs Alyson Wynne-Jones Principal Teacher Development 0.5FTE


Miss Lauren Barrie – Principal Teacher of Development (Acting)

Miss Lauren Carrigan

Dr Kirsty Jamieson

Mrs Allison McKenna 0.8FTE

Mrs Joanne McLear


Mrs Lyndsay McIlhargey – Principal Teacher Physics & Chemistry

Mr Loic Jacob – NQT

Mr Grant Sergeant

Mr Robert Stevenson

Technical Education

Mrs Avril Allan – Principal Teacher Tech & Home Ec

Miss Shavaun Donnelly

Mr Ronald Gillespie

Miss Margaretann Mears

Home Economics

Miss Zoe Campbell

Mrs Susan Coia

Miss Nicola Darling – NQT

Miss Pamela Miller 0.6FTE Mat Leave

Mrs Catriona Ross

Art and Design/Photography

Miss Lindsay Cumming

Ms Claire Hendry

Miss Laura Mairs

Ms Neasa Ni Thighearnaigh     NQT


Mrs Elaine Regan – Principal Teacher Creative & Performing Arts

Mr Derek Fairlie

Miss Kayla McGregor

Ms Bethany Williams – Principal Teacher Pupil Support

Mr Ken Blackwood        Senior Music Instructor

Mr Donald Finlayson    Senior Music Instructor

Mr James Finnigan        Music Instructor

Mr Chris Edwards         Music Instructor

Ms Rachel Considine   Music Instructor

Mrs Rachel Davis           Music Instructor


Ms Cheryl Brennan

Mrs Laura Carswell – Principal Teacher Pupil Support

Ms Louise Kennedy-Darroch

Miss Nicola Kierney – Principal Teacher Development (Acting)

Ms Lesley Workman

Physical Education

Mr Adam Gibson – Principal Teacher PE Sports and Fitness

Mr Craig Barlow

Mr John Barratt

Miss Amy Hunter – NQT

Mr Fergus Judge

Mrs Caron Kincaid

Mrs Lauren Lloyd

Mrs Laura McCarron – Principal Teacher Pupil Support

Business Education

Mrs Ruth Dodds  – Principal Teacher BECS

Mr Nicholas Dean

Miss Lucy Jenkins MAT Cover

Mrs  Emma McGuire MAT Leave

Mr Alan Murdoch – NQT

Mrs Jane Sinclair – Principal Teacher Pupil Support

Computing Science

Mr Scott Bryson (Temp)

Ms Jennifer Dallas – also Business Education


Mr Ioannis Panayiotakis   0.5FTE*

Administrative Staff

Mrs Allison Angelini             Business Support Manager
Mrs Shona McWilliam         Office Manager
Mrs Linda Burns    0.6FTE  Business Support*
Mrs Jane Garrity    0.8FTE Business Support*
Mrs Frances McClafferty   Senior Business Support
Mrs Julie Dickson                   Business Support
Mrs Lois Wilson  0.4FTE     Business Support
Mrs Rubiecca Suleman        Business Support

Support Staff

Mrs Elizabeth Campbell    Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Yvonne Keay                  Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Melanie Mahoney       Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Alison Mori                     Pupil Support Assistant                                            Mrs Zakia Khan                      Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Joan Omand                   Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs May Reid                          Pupil Support Assistant*                                          Miss Jacqui Thorpe              Pupil Support Assistant                                            Mr Jonathan Davis               Pupil Support Assistant                                            Mrs Sarah Sutherland         Pupil Support Assistant
Miss Joyce McIntyre           Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Karen Millar                   Pupil Support Assistant   (Temp)
Mrs Shabnum Ashraf           DYW Support Worker     (Temp)


Mr Scott Harkness               Senior Janitor
Mr Mark Nicholson              Janitor
Miss Ashleigh Brown           Relief Janitor
Miss Val O’Neill                      Janitor/Cleaner

Day Cleaners

Mrs Isabella Reid


Mr John Speirs                   Senior Science Technician
Mr David Raeside             Science Technician
Mr Ben Sterkenburgh    Technical Technician
Mr Derek Lally                    Multi Media Technician

Canteen Supervisor

Mrs K Jardine

*part time staff

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