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Happy New Year

A successful first week back to school, everyone has enjoyed getting back into our hard work activities.  We started the week by setting our New Year goals for 2019.  The boys were confident individuals in selecting their specific goals.

We played some time telling games with our friends and had fun whilst working hard.

Jack worked very hard this week working on his writing and listening skills.

All the boys created a Christmas holiday storyboard and shared it with their friends.  We were successful learners and confident individuals to share what Santa brought us, what we had for Christmas dinner, who we had dinner with and any other activities we took part in over the holidays.

Math Games

We all had fun taking part in a variety of different math games, we were working on our memory skills.

All the boys were successful learners and were very engaged.

We had to listen three numbers that were only said once and then press the numbers in the correct order on the sequencer.

Also listened to the pattern the bell was played and copy the same pattern back.

Also we had the numbers on a dice and then we had 3 seconds to look at the position of the balls before it was covered again to see at a glance if we  could say the number that was there.

Shut the Box

The Transition boys were Effective Contributors when they played ‘Shut the Box’ this week (Mr Nicoll’s favourite game!). They had to make their own dice from a template and add the correct number of dots. The boys then worked in pairs to try and roll combinations of numbers which corresponded to the numbers from two to twelve. The first team to complete this, shut the box.