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LGBT – Purple Friday

Today is Purple Friday. We are having whole school activities. This morning all the primary classes came together in the hall to share their learning and activities completed about their LGBT  book.  All classes also shared their song/jingle about family. Some classes shared a video and some classes performed it live. The Sunflowers had made rainbow pizzas and shared this. The Daisies shared  similarities and differences from their book Giraffe’s Can’t Dance. The Snowdrops performed their family jingle live with makaton signing. The Bluebells performed their song live. The Sungazers class has symbols to show the audience so we could participate too. The Stars showed a video of their song as some of their friends were on their outing. The Moonbeams had a board to share their learning and have used technology to complete their rainbow flag.


The secondary this morning completed the purple activities in the atrium. Some of the activities included sensory colour find with water beads and purple rice. This was a favourite. The Oak and Transition prepared a purple string art activity which looked amazing. The Sunflowers and Daisies made some purple lacing picture for their friends to enjoy.

Independent Travel with an LGBT Twist

Some of the Beech class enjoyed a trip to ASDA yesterday on the public bus!  We used excellent communication skills to ask for our bus ticket, Finlay used an AAC device to make sure she is understood.  We used great money handling skills independently to pay for our ticket and then again to pay for items in the shop.  Very responsible citizens  on our outing!

  We found the colours of the LGBT flag and made a human rainbow!

LGBT Week (so far!)

The Beech class have thoroughly enjoyed our week of LGBT activities.  We read a book called ‘Hello, Sailor!’ and took part in lots of different activities.  We were very responsible and successful learners as we learned about sometimes difficult concepts.

Nicole made a themed lighthouse for our book!

  We made nautical flags in using LGBT colours

  We took part in a special assembly.  And had a blast on ‘Purple Friday!’  Gemma and Skye were excellent at showing us what makes us be a good friend.


LGBT in the Oak room

This week we are exploring our mini topic about LGBT, we have enjoyed reading our book ‘Tango Makes Three’.  The boys have completed a story board using symbols and words to retell the story.  We have had a good group discussion around the book.

Blake is signing ‘boy’ as our book was about two male penguins.

Jack is signing ‘love’ as our two male penguins fell in love and wanted to have a family.  We discussed that boys can not have babies so our two male penguins adopted a baby penguin to make their family complete.

It was our LGBT assembly this week and all the secondary created a fingerprint love heart to represent our Willowbank secondary community.  We used our fingerprints as this is unique to us and everyone’s fingerprint is different.  We celebrate difference at Willowbank.

The Oak band were confident individuals and played ‘This is Me’ on the chimes and bells to represent be proud of who you are.

Interacting with Others

The Oak boys have been working hard on our communication skills and interacting with our friends. They have all been confident individuals when communicating with adults and their peers.

Jack has been enjoying have the responsibility of asking all his friends what they would like for lunch then working on his memory skills to remember the order and record it.

Nathan has been taking messages to people around the school and using his signs.

We started our LGBT book this week and started to complete a book study record.  Blake and Angus completed their work and then compared answers to see if they were the same.

Angus has been excellent this week and has really enjoyed the treadmill, he has now increased his to time to 25 minutes!