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Fairtrade Fun

This week the Stars class have learnt about Fairtrade and made tasty mars bar cake for the Willowbank Bake Off. We heard about Pablo the Banana and his banana journey. On Friday we played Fairtrade games in the hall with the Sungazers and Moonbeams and enjoyed a Monkey Hunt. On outings we sourced produce with the Fairtrade logo on.


LGBT at Willowbank

The Stars class did lots of LGBT activities this week. We read the book, ‘Together’, and discussed friendship. We explored different families and how to be a good friend then chose what activities we would most like to do with our friends. Parachute games was very popular! We created rainbow flags, a friendship poster and made rainbow cakes at HE. On Purple Friday we had a showcase of our learning in the hall where we showed a video of us singing, ‘I Love You’.


Cracking Cooking!

The Transition boys decided to try cooking eggs in different ways to pick a favourite. They had an eggs-cellent time! They were Effective Contributors with all tasks; setting the table, making the toast, cracking the eggs, adding eggs to a hot pan, taking the tea order and waiting until everything was ready so the class could share their meal. The boys were sensible – no yolking around!

The boys made scrambled, poach, boiled and fried eggs. The boys really looked forward to it and fortunately it was all it was cracked up to be. They were all eggs-hausted once all the washing up was finished.