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Christmas coming already?

The Stars class have been effective contributors by making personalised snowflakes for something ‘secret’ Mrs Murray is planning. We have also been working hard on our Christmas window display for the atrium. We hope you will like it when it’s finished. We also enjoyed the sensory experience of copying shapes and names on shaving foam.


Macmillan Day

The Stars class made mars bar cake which we sold in school for Macmillan Day. There was only one piece left………….and that didn’t last long back in class! We are proud to say we made £9.90 to donate to the appeal. We participated in Friday afternoon activities. We iced biscuits, created a colourful cupcake picture, made a fizzing green volcano and enjoyed sensory handling. A great afternoon was had by all.


Pudsey Activities

The Stars Class enjoyed Pudsey activities on Friday afternoon. We handled dotty water beads, made dotty Pudsey pictures and had Pudsey dotting all over the magic carpet! We even had tasty Pudsey decorated cakes and shortbread for snack. Earlier in the week we finished making ‘junk’ houses and recently we have enjoyed outings to B&Q, The Range and Hansel Village.


October Holiday Countdown

The Stars Class have enjoyed a fantastic week where we saw not only Harris McCoo but Singing Hands too. What a treat! We’ve worked hard too and made an Autumn sensory bottle, added to our Nanny McPhee wall display and made yucky ‘worm’ sandwiches at HE which actually were very tasty!