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Counting is fun

The Transition boys numeracy lesson was outside this week where they had to find different ways to count to ten.   First they looked around the gardens and collected ten pinecones, they then split then into two groups so the total was ten. The boys discovered that there were many ways to make a total of ten. They showed that they where all  Confident Individuals and Successful Learners





Gardening? You can count on it!

With the good weather this week the Transition boys got out into the garden and applied their numeracy skills. The garden needed a tidy and the boys were Effective Contributors collecting the tires and arranging them in pairs. The used their knowledge of the two times table to count the total number of tires. Later in the week our peas needed some support so the boys applied their measuring skills to cut and create a wire support.

FAOL – Music – using actions and percussion

The Daisies have been learning a new song at music called ‘We’re Going Around The World’ as an introduction to their new theme. All pupils have enjoyed coming along to do music in our music room and being able to explore and play a variety of percussion instruments. We have been learning some key signs and actions for our song as well as playing the claves, castanets and clackers to accompany the tune. Hayden also enjoyed performing a solo for his class which we managed to get on video too.