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It’s off to work we go….

Good Morning Pine Class and your families at home – how are you all?

Well this week is Work Experience or Careers Week at Willowbank, sadly the things that were planned cannot go ahead BUT hopefully you will all enjoy the activities and information on the blog this week.

So we will put our Wizard of Oz and Rainbow theme aside for a week 🌈

Firstly all about the Pine Ladies.


Before coming to Willowbank Boyle was a Skills Investment Adviser at Skills Development Scotland. She set up and managed training and development contracts that helped people back in to work. She really enjoyed having a job with lots of different things to do, travelling around visiting companies and meeting lots of people. When she was at secondary school, she loved English and Secretarial Studies and wanted to be a Secretary. Boyle has lots of different skills that she puts to good use, but one them is keeping us very organised in the Pine Classroom.


When Aitken was young she  wanted to be a policewoman, but at that time she wasn’t tall enough, the height restrictions have now changed and she now is tall enough but she says she is too old now – but you are only 25!?!! Now we know why she is good at keeping us all in line in Pine Class Room!!! Aitken was also a Hairdresser, that is why she has always got nice hair – good skill to have in ‘Lockdown’.


Jardine was also a  hairdresser, she is our expert at styling long hair. Jardine has been at doing this job for 24years, between Witch Hill and Willowbank – that is why she is the expert!!! When she was young she wanted to be a Nun, but perhaps she should have been a electrician – if something isn’t working Jardine is Mrs Fix-it!!!


Well when I was a wee girl I wanted to be a Nursery Nurse, but  I changed my mind and decided I wanted to be a Nurse then a Home Economics Teacher – so I did both!!

But one thing is for certain all the Pine Ladies love working in the Pine Room and with all the lovely Children at Willowbank.

Different Jobs that other people do 


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Andy and I am a Policeman 
  • Job Title – Police Superintendent – The best thing about my job as I get to work with some wonderful people who help save lives and help members of the public, often in greatest need in our communities. I didn’t always want to do this job as I wanted to be a professional footballer, I did managed to do that too! When I retire I will hopefully be able to volunteer and continue help people.
  • Hello Pine Class – I am Pauline and I am a Nurse
  • This is the photo that is taped onto my PPE just now.
  • Job Title – Deputy Charge Nurse ICU – The best thing about my job is caring for people who are critically ill and supporting their families along with the variety of specialities within critically care, it’s a very rewarding job. I always wanted to be a nurse.

  • Hi Pine Class – I’m Marion and I am a Nursery Nurse 
  • Job Title – Depute Manager of an Early Childhood Centre – What I love most about my job is being involved with the children as they explore and investigate experiences for the first time. It’s a really rewarding job as you see these young children starting as little 3 year olds and when they leave you they are equipped with the skills for moving on to P1 and you feel incredibly proud of them. I originally wanted to work in a travel agents.


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Alan and I am a Physiotherapist
  • Job Title –  Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (Out-patients).  What I like most about my job is helping people to try and achieve their maximal functional potential.  I wanted to study physics but didn’t apply for that course at University, but I still have a keen interest in this area.


  • Hi Pine Class – I am Karen and I am a Veterinary Nurse
  • Pictured with a baby hedgehog
  • Job Title –  Practice Manager – The best thing about my job is  giving good customer service and problem solving at work.  I didn’t always want to do this I was a Police Officer before.
  • Hello Pine Class- I am Tracy and I have 2 different jobs.
  • Job Titles –  I have two jobs, both of which I love very much – I am a business partner in a Womens Clothes Shop and I am also a Town Centre Regeneration Officer with East Ayrshire Council. The best thing about both my jobs is that they allow me to help people which is my favourite thing to do! I never had a clear idea of what job I wanted to do and that’s ok. You need to do your school work and do everything the best way you can and that is the best gift you can give to yourself.


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Heather and I am a Student Nurse
  • Job Title – Student Nurse – The best thing about my job is that I work with lots of incredible children and no two days are the same. Originally, I wanted to be a Theatre Performer in Musicals…or a mermaid!!


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Sarah and I am Performer
  • I am at the front wearing pink with some of the cast of Billy Elliot.
  • Job Title – Music Theatre Performer – It’s a fun job, you get to work with wonderfully expressive and talented people. You get to meet interesting people of all background and get to escape into a magical world. It’s long hours and hard work but definitely worth it. I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer. But musical theatre is even better!


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Senga and I am a Hair Stylist
  • The best thing about my job is meeting people, interacting with them and making them feel good. Not my first choice as I wanted to be a policewoman, but I was too small.


  • Hello Pine Class – I am Caroline and I am a Veterinary Nurse
  • I am a Vet Nurse, so the best bit about my job is getting to give the animals lots of cuddles and watching them get better. Before doing this job I was in The Royal Navy for 12 years.

  • Hello Pine Class – I am Matthew and I am a Production Technician
  • I work in an Oil Terminal on the small Orkney Island of Flotta, lying in Scapa Flow and I have to travel to work by boat! I guess the best thing about my job is the rota that I work, 2 weeks on 3 weeks off!! When I was really young I wanted to be a farmer.


What about you your family at home? 🏠
  • What is their job title?
  • What do they actually do?
  • What is the best thing about their job?
  • What is the worst thing about their job?
  • Did they always want to do that job?
  • If they could pick something else to do what would it be?


Using technology you could call or video chat someone else and get them to tell you all about their job.

We all have different talents
We are all different but all striving to be the ‘Best that we can be!’
Although, things are limited just now we can do a few different things in the house and out in the garden that are classed as Work Experience – you may even get paid for them!!!
Send in some photos if you help with any of the following ideas, or any others you come up with.
  • Helping in the garden – planting, weeding, watering…
  • Washing the car – could be some messy fun!
  • Help with the housework – making your bed, dusting, vacuuming….
  • Doing the laundry – sorting the different colours into piles, putting the washing in the machine, hanging it on the line, folding the clothes….
  • Helping prepare snacks and meals – making a sandwich, washing the vegetables, chopping, grating…
  • Entertaining your family – playing a musical instrument, singing…
  • Looking after your pets – feeding them, brushing them, loving them….
  • Doing some beauty treatments – paint some nails, give someone a new hair style…


Whatever you do this week – have a good one!

Love the Pine Ladies

Rainbow Clip Art

Monday the 18th of May

Hello everybody!

The weather isn’t quite as nice this week is it? Never mind, the rain is needed to let plants grow (and it gives us a nice excuse to be indoors for a change!). The Transition team hope that you are all well and looking after each other.

It’s careers week this week so the task that I have suggested are all linked to different jobs. There are some suggestions for activities at home and some videos to watch that tell you about different jobs. I wonder what your dream job is? It can be anything you like. Why don’t you draw a picture of you doing your dream job and share it with us? My dream job would have to be Explorer. Imagine all the places you’d visit and the exciting things you’d see!

The link to activities is here


Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

Weekly Home Learning 5: Work Experience

Hi, everyone.

It’s Careers Week!  We have found some fun activities for you to try out at home that explore the different jobs people do.  Have a try at some of the activities and decide which job you think you think you would be good at!  Start off your week by reading a story together and having a think about the different jobs people in your family do.

Here is a nice and funny story that explores lots of different vocations. 😊

Activity 1 Chef

Why not find a simple recipe online for you to make or bake together?   You can learn about the serving side of the business too by helping to set the table and carry the pates or cups over to the table.   BBC Good Food’s ‘Millie’s Cookies’ recipe is one of our favourites to use – here is a link to the recipe and online tutorial.

Activity 2 *Postman/Postwoman *

A random act of kindness and a job opportunity all in one – why not draw a nice picture or get an adult’s help to write a kind message to post to some of your neighbours?

If you are out a walk, how many big, red post-boxes can you find?  Do you know where your local post office is or what the Royal Mail logo looks like?  Google it to see if you can spot it!

Activity 3 Firefighter

This is a really fun idea but you will need lots of adult help! You will also need a garden and a garden hose.  Why not set up some ‘targets’ (empty plastic bottles for example) around your back garden and see if, with some help, you can knock the targets over using just the water hose!  It will give you a good idea of the skills a firefighter might need to use in their job.  How many targets could you knock over?

Activity 4 Engineer

The following are examples of STEM activities.

Engineers are professionals who invent, design and build lots of different things.  Have a go at being an engineer by constructing a den or boat from household objects!

  1. See if you can build a den using any materials you can find! Boxes, bottles, chair cushions, old sheets, anything will do!
  2. Here is a link to the STEM ‘tinfoil’ boat challenge. This link includes a list of resources and a step-by-step guide to the challenge.

Activity 5 Dentist

This link takes you to a fun activity that looks from a dentist view at keeping teeth clean!  I think it could be very adaptable, all you need is the bottom cut off of a plastic 2ltr bottle, an old toothbrush and either just use toothpaste or make your own white paste with 1 tsp of baking soda with water mixed together.

As always, these activities are only suggestions and you are under no obligation to do all or any of them.

Have fun and stay safe – there is nothing more important than that.

[Keep an eye on the blog through the week as the Beech class will post our own work experience challenge ♥]

Monday the 11th of May

Hello everybody! A new week at home. A sunny morning but a cold one, you might need a jacket if you are out for your daily exercise today! I hope you all had a good week last week and enjoyed the video of the ducklings hatching.

My family and I have had lots of fun with the Seek app and have found interesting plants. Apple mint was a favourite.

Here are this week’s suggested activities.

Week 3

Keep your eye on the blog later in the week for a wee photographic quiz.

Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

Monday the 4th of May

Happy Star Wars day everyone! I hope that you are all well and still enjoying this good weather. The Transition team will have an exciting video to show you this week. Keep your eyes on the blog! A clue to the subject is that we were meant to look after them in school but Mrs Ramage has her own at home. Answers on a postcard!

A nice free app that I found last week was ‘Seek by iNaturalist’ This New App Will Help You Identify the Plants and Animals You See ...

It can identify things you find in your garden or on your daily exercise. Just point your camera at it. It is very effective for wild flowers. I think it’s really good. Let me know if you find anything exciting or rare.

Below is this weeks suggested activities. Enjoy your short week (holiday Friday!) and let me know how you get on.

Week 2

Stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Mr Nicoll

SQA Work Experience

The Transition boys were Effective Contributors to school life when they used their Work Experience skills. It might have been Christmas time but The Grinch (Mr Nicoll) put the boys to work to help take down the Christmas decorations and generally tidy the school. The boys listened to multi step instructions and followed them. They also focussed well on their tasks and completed all that was asked. Well done!

Light up Willowbank

As part of their Work Experience class this week the Transition boys helped to put up the Christmas Tree. The lights were in the usual tangle so the boys were Effective Contributors and applied their problem solving skills. They untangled the lights and wrapped them around plastic lids. This allowed us to pass them around the tree without any birds nests or knots. Well done boys, it was a great effort!