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Carradale Primary – Golf Sessions

carradale-golf-sessionsThis is an article written by Catriona Newman, P7

The P4-7s from Carradale Primary School have recently attended a 4 week golf session run by Dr Abernethy and Mrs Margaret Campbell. They were split into two groups, the ones that hadn’t played golf before and the ones that head. They had great fun playing on the field, chipping and putting.

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Prints of Play! at Cove Park

cove-park-prints-of-play-lauraspringThe Hands-On Cove Park Holiday Art Club offers a blast of creativity every day!
Prints of Play! is for children aged 8-11 interested in art, experimenting with colour, shape, texture and pattern. During a course of four daily sessions, 09:30-11:30 from Monday 17 – Thursday 20 October 2016, children will experiment with ideas around the theme of ‘play’ to create a series of quick, inspirational paper collages that will be used to inform a stencil design to print one or more t-shirt designs that they can go on to wear.
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Autumn Education Programmes at Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute

Mount Stuart Root Camp2Root Camp is a not-for-profit social enterprise committed to changing the consumer habits of young adults in the UK. They work with 14-21 year olds, spending a week in a rural environment, dividing time between cooking in a professional kitchen and hands on experience in the fields – planting, harvesting, foraging and fishing.

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Tarbert Academy reaches Rio!

Tarbert PS Viewpoint AlexanderInspired by the Team GB ‘Get Set for Rio’ challenge, Primary 7/6 started regular running in September to try to cover the distance of 9450 km from Tarbert to Rio de Janeiro before the Olympic Games start there this summer.

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DGS Takes part in the Scottish Disability Sports National Junior Athletics Tournament

DGS takes part in the Scottish Disability Sports National Junior Athletics tournament in GrangemouthOn the 1st of June 2016, eleven pupils from Dunoon Grammar School took part in the Scottish Disability Sports National Junior Athletics tournament in Grangemouth. Competitors came from all over the country to race and take part in a great variety of sports. This is the sixth time that DGS pupils have participated.

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Tarbert Ac P6 ICYCLEP6 at Tarbert Academy have recently completed their I Cycle training. The children have been using the programme since March and each week have taken to their bikes and practiced many different road manoeuvres. On training days the children were instructed by I cycle trainers Tony Jones and Arlene Scott who were also joined by local police officer Alan Frame, who impressed on the children the importance of good cycle practice. After successfully completing the training the children were each gifted a bike lock from local councillor Anne Horn on behalf of the Kintyre Safety Forum.

Strachur’s New Polytunnel

Strachur Pollytunnel 1 Mr Burke VisitWe are delighted that Mr Burke (local Strachur retiree) has come into our school to transform our polytunnel from an overgrown jungle to something fit for Beechgrove Garden! We are now growing tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, peppers, radishes and lettuce. Mr Burke has been involving groups of children in the process and pupils have taken responsibility for watering the plants everyday.

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Strachur at Cowal Police Sports

Strachur Cowal Police Sports 6We had a great day last Friday at the Cowal Police Sports. Our football team played well and everyone demonstrated excellent sportsmanship in the races. Thank you to the organisers for a fun event with opportunity for the children to socialise with other schools.
Go Strachur!

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Kilcreggan Heartstart1 June 2016Kilcreggan Primary P6 and p7 pupils recently received “Heartstart “ training. This training gives pupils guidance about what to do if they find someone suffering a cardiac arrest attack. They learned about
• how to correctly put someone into the recovery position and assess their condition
• what to in an emergency situation,
• how to recall the procedures using the “DRS ABC” acronym.
They used the “Little Annie” dummies to learn how to perform CPR.


Rockfield Hampden Experience!

Rockfield Hampden Experience 1Rockfield Primary 3 pupils follow in the footsteps of famous footballers and play at Hampden!
Primary 3 pupils from Rockfield Primary were selected to represent Argyll and Bute at the Tesco Bank National Football Festival held at Hampden on 23rd May 2016 and followed in the footsteps of many famous teams and players! It was a very, early start for everyone involved, but they had a wonderful day which included a chance to look around the famous stadium and the dressing rooms!

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Heartstart at Strachur

Heartstart at Strachur 1Angela from the British Heart foundation was in our school today to train our Primary 7s in the Heartstart Emergency Life Support Programme. They learned how to perform CPR and other emergency life saving skills. Mrs Wilson was Angela’s assistant for demonstrating the recovery position, thank you Mrs Wilson!

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Rockfield orienteers win Inter- school Championship

Rockfield more Fun 1Following a short period of training 32 children from Rockfield P4-7 took part in the OLI Interschool Orienteering championships on Friday at Ganavan in glorious sunny weather. The children had a fantastic experience and were great ambassadors for the school. They all attempted to navigate their way around various courses at great speed with some children achieving first, second or third place but all children put in a fantastic effort and tried their very best.

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