Prints of Play! at Cove Park

cove-park-prints-of-play-lauraspringThe Hands-On Cove Park Holiday Art Club offers a blast of creativity every day!
Prints of Play! is for children aged 8-11 interested in art, experimenting with colour, shape, texture and pattern. During a course of four daily sessions, 09:30-11:30 from Monday 17 – Thursday 20 October 2016, children will experiment with ideas around the theme of ‘play’ to create a series of quick, inspirational paper collages that will be used to inform a stencil design to print one or more t-shirt designs that they can go on to wear.

Led by textile designer Laura Spring [HERE], Prints of Play! offers an experimental space where children learn to explore the processes involved in print and get to create their own unique design. They will learn skills in printmaking, colour, composition and collage. The week will begin with some fun games to get everyone thinking about ‘play’ ready for printing.


Read more about Holiday Art Club and book your place HERE, or email Helen Voce, Hands-On Programme Producer,
Prints of Play! is part of Hands-On Cove Park HERE, a programme of creative events, workshops and talks for people in Argyll & Bute.

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