JLB Harvest the Seeds of Success

jlb-harvest-the-seeds-of-successChildren at John Logie Baird Primary School have been working with Waitrose to develop Enterprise and business skills across the school. Following the pupils planning, measuring building and filling their own raised beds, Waitrose donated seeds to the school. Each class divided them up and planted them. Over the summer term, each class tended to their crop, and to their astonishment, after returning in August, a huge crop was ripe and ready to harvest.

Waitrose invited the pupils back to sell their produce in store to their customers. The children harvested and prepared their crops for sale including marrows, broad beans, celery and shallots. In total the school raised over £40. Depute Head Teacher, Allison Smith said, “This has been a great opportunity for the children to learn out with the classroom. They are excited about deciding what we will spend our profits on. A popular choice is to buy more gardening equipment and seeds so that next year we will have a larger harvest to sell. We would like to thank Annette and all the staff at Waitrose as well as their customers for supporting us through this enterprise and we look forward to working with them this year.”

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