Strachur’s New Polytunnel

Strachur Pollytunnel 1 Mr Burke VisitWe are delighted that Mr Burke (local Strachur retiree) has come into our school to transform our polytunnel from an overgrown jungle to something fit for Beechgrove Garden! We are now growing tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, peppers, radishes and lettuce. Mr Burke has been involving groups of children in the process and pupils have taken responsibility for watering the plants everyday.

We are very grateful to Mr Burke for giving up his time to help us. We even have a ‘TomTato’ plant, one plant which grows both tomatoes up top and potatoes down below. The Primary 6 pupils have been enjoying researching this strange phenomenon….

Strachur Pollytunnel 2 Mr Burke VisitStrachur Pollytunnel 3 Mr Burke Visit

Thanks again Mr Burke! 🙂
Strachur Pollytunnel 4 Mr Burke Visit

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