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Thursday 11th June Group 6

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Good morning Group 6 how are you today? Let us get started with our morning circle.

Movement: Put your favourite song on and spell out your name in exercise. You can spell out the names of other members of your family too. (click to enlarge picture)

On a Thursday you have Maths go and see what has been planned for you.

Fiddly Fingers: Can you help in the house and make your fingers strong by pairing socks today?

Story: Today we hear about a boy who goes on a wonderful adventure.

Sign of the day go and see what Lorna has planned for you.

On Thursday we have Music go see what has been planned for you.

Sensory:  I hope you enjoy this activity – I certainly did!

Finally on a Thursday it is Dance. Go see what has been planned for you and see you tomorrow.

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Orange Class – Friday 5th June

Good morning Orange Class.  I hope you are bright and breezy this morning.

On Fridays we have Assembly with Tracey and Connie.  Click on the link.


Circle Time for today

Dont’ forget Lorna’s Sign of the day – Click on the link.



What have your friends been up to?  Let’s see!


Let’s have some movement fun.


How about some maths?

What about a story? Today is a favourite story that I remember reading to my children.  Kipper


Now, how about an outdoors sensory activity that is FAB, fun and free?

Did you try it?

Don’t forget your reflection sheets for today.

Time for relaxation.

Have a fabulous Friday.


Thursday 4th June Group 6

Good morning everybody. How are you feeling this morning. Can you show someone how you are feeling?

There are lots of activities for you to do today but let us start by saying Hello.

Now are you awake? How about some movement – can you move like an Avenger?

Don’t forget to help at home today.


Go and see what Maths activities have been planned for you.

Fiddly fingers: Let’s get a bit messy! Don’t forget to try pressing hard and gentle to see how it changes the marks you make.

Story – I hope this story makes you laugh. Listen out for the rhyming words

Go and see what Lorna has planned in Sign of the day.

On Thursdays it is Music – go and see what fun activities have been planned for you.

sensory: Lets get some fresh air

Are you ready to dance? Head over and see what has been planned for you.

That is all for today. Pop back tomorrow for some more fun and don’t forget to send in your photos and videos.