Thursday 18th June Group 6

Good Morning Sun GIF by Omer Studios

Good morning Group 6. How are you today? Let’s start with ourĀ Morning Circle.


Elsa is back to do some movement with you.

Or would you prefer some Marvel Superhero action?

On Thursday we haveĀ Maths –Ā head over to see what have been planned for you.

Fiddly Fingers:

Story: One of my favourites and one I used to read to my children A LOT! Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?

Sign of the day: go see what Lorna has planned for you today.

Sensory: Why don’t you try making your own Lava lamp. (Click to enlarge picture)


On Thursdays you we have Music and Dance – head over and see what has been planned for you.

That is all for today. Pop back to see what Friday Challenges there are for you tomorrow.

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