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Red class – Thursday 28th of May

Greetings Hello GIF by Breden Kids - Find & Share on GIPHY

Good morning everyone,

life skills  – what job will you do today?  Can you help with washing the car?

Dad and Son Washing Car - Steve Seliger, LMFT


Color Matching Car Park - Simple Fun for Kids

do you have small cars? or beads? or maybe pegs?  look for objects at home and match them by colours.

now, why not listen to these songs

fiddly fingers – can you peel off sellotape using your pointing finger?

activities for toddlers


story time


sign of the day with Lorna

music with Connie and Gordon


sensory – why not play outside and try this…



Have a super Thursday!  I will be back tomorrow, Sophie

Gold Class Thursday 28th May

Good morning everybody, another sunny day. Hope you enjoy the activities today.


2) Maths

3)Fiddly Fingers – why not try some finger painting.

4. Story Hope you enjoy today’s story? Which is your favourite part?

5. Go and see what Lorna has planned for Sign of the day.

6. On Thursday we have Music – go see what activities are there for you.

7. Sensory:

Digging for Worms Sensory Play

8. Go and see what activities are planned for you in dance today.

Dancing Carlton Banks GIF - Dancing CarltonBanks FreshPrinceOfBelAir GIFs

That is all for today – pop back tomorrow to see what has been planned for you.


Sensory Craft

Hello everyone

Go outside and see how many different things you can touch with your hands and your feet.

Does it feel soft, hard, warm, cold, rough?

If you can’t get outside gather some things together in the house and see how they feel.


Maybe you could make a feely bag?

Have Fun!