Thursday 11th June Group 6

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Good morning Group 6 how are you today? Let us get started with our morning circle.

Movement: Put your favourite song on and spell out your name in exercise. You can spell out the names of other members of your family too. (click to enlarge picture)

On a Thursday you have Maths go and see what has been planned for you.

Fiddly Fingers: Can you help in the house and make your fingers strong by pairing socks today?

Story: Today we hear about a boy who goes on a wonderful adventure.

Sign of the day go and see what Lorna has planned for you.

On Thursday we have Music go see what has been planned for you.

Sensory:  I hope you enjoy this activity – I certainly did!

Finally on a Thursday it is Dance. Go see what has been planned for you and see you tomorrow.

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