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Sensory Craft

Hello everyone

Go outside and see how many different things you can touch with your hands and your feet.

Does it feel soft, hard, warm, cold, rough?

If you can’t get outside gather some things together in the house and see how they feel.


Maybe you could make a feely bag?

Have Fun!

Music with Gordon 21 May: Primary

What to do today

Please join in with the activities below. The more who can join in, the more fun, too. Not all of the activities are for everyone, so just do the ones you enjoy and as many times as you like.

Play along using any kind of instrument or use body percussion – clapping, tapping, clicking, stamping your feet.

Activities (links below)

  1. Hello Song
  2. Bounce and catch
  3. Sing Charlie Over the Ocean. Watch the video first to see how to do it. Then you can get your own soft toys and join in or else watch and sing.
  4. Ride-O Ride-O Ride-O. Get a teddy bear or favourite soft toy to bounce on your knee for this song. Maybe a grown-up will bounce you on their knee.
  5. Five Buzzy Bees. Sing along and copy the actions. Can you make your buzzy bee go up and down, backwards and forwards, left and right, buzz all around?
  6. Over the Irish Sea. Join in or hold on to a scarf with a partner to move to the song.
  7. Time to move. Play the instruments along to the video or get up and dance. If you like, get a scarf to play with.
  8. Time to chill. This week we are listening to a classic song arranged for piano – Imagine, by John Lennon, played by Rousseau
  9. Goodbye Song

Hello Song

It’s a time to settle down for some music and there are lots of ways to join in. Use it on its own or before doing another music activity.

  1. Join in and sing, clap, tap and move along to the song!
  2. Maybe you can try using your voice
  3. Sign hello
  4. Tap fast and slow
  5. Sign “Stop” at the end
  6. Have fun!


Hello, hello
Very nice to see you
Hello hello,
How are you today?
Hello, hello
Very nice to see you
Hello hello,
How are you today?
We say “Hello”
We’re very pleased to see you
We say “Hello”

(can you say and sign hello?)

We say “Hello”
We’re very pleased to see you
We say “Hello”

(tap along with the music, sign “Stop” at the end)

More ideas with this video

  • If you can’t tap along, maybe a friend can tap your arm or foot for you so that you can feel the beat of the music.
  • Can you stamp your feet to the music? Can you tap your shoulders or your head? Move your fingers
  • Maybe try playing along with a shaker, or tap something that makes a sound that you like. A box of cereal?

Bounce and Catch

Charlie Over the Ocean

Sing and join in: Ride-O Ride-O Ride-O

Sing and join in: Five Buzzy Bees

Sing and join in: Over the Irish Sea

Time to move around or play your instrument


Chill and relax

Goodbye Song


Orange Class – Thursday 21st May

Hello Orange Class and good morning!

Morning Circle


Don’t forget Lorna’s sign of the day!

On Thursdays we have P.E.  first thing in the morning.  Today it is with Gerry!

Good Morning,  We all hope you enjoyed Sports Day last week and hope you enjoyed meeting some new Friends.

Mira and So in particular wanted to say a big thank you for taking part and also …

Today we are going to continue with some activities from Mia & So.

Activity 1 – Warm Up Challenge
Mira and So would like you to imagine you are an Olympic Volleyball Player in this challenge. You don’t need any equipment, just a space to sit or lay on the floor and your voice or imagination. See link – Play Without Equipment – Challenge

Activity 2 -Jingle Jar
For this activity you need a small jar or tub and some dried peas, rice, lentils or pasta, or anything else that will rattle to make a noise. In this game Mira & So want you to use one of your super-senses. Preferably through touch or sound but you can decide. You will also need a blind fold for one of the players. If you find it too difficult don’t worry, you can ask if you can peek a little. See link – Listen Up or feel the vibration

 You might have to change this game slightly but don’t worry be flexible. As long as you can shake the tub with the rattle for 10 seconds then that counts too. Can you do that 3 times each? or Lay on the floor with your eyes covered and guess what side the noise of vibration is coming from, maybe even guess what part of your body it rolled into.

Activity 3 – Become the Teacher
Mira & So think its a good idea for you to now become the PE teacher. They would like you to create your own active game. Have a look around the house and decide what equipment is safe to use. Will you play indoors or outdoors. Its up to you.
Here are some ideas to help –  Be the Teacher – Active Indoors Challenge

Well done today, you have been very creative!

Please remember there are lots of PE & Movement activities here on this blog and you can repeat any of these if you wish. Repetition is good. Today’s lesson if just some newer challenges. Just do what you can.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Time for Maths!


Outside: Did you enjoy the bird bingo yesterday? her’s another one today!


They are beautiful – even the scruffy little sparrows!

Time for a story!   It’s a class favourite today!

Time for some Yoga.  Are you ready for a challenge?


Relaxation time

Have a great Thursday!