Music with Gordon 20 May: Magical Musical Circle

 Make a Magical Musical Circle

Connie and Gordon often use a giant scrunchie or Magical Musical Circle in lessons for both Primary and Secondary lessons. They help to move to the music and feel the rhythm together. 

These are stretchy and you probably won’t have one at home. But you can make your own one very simply by tying a knot in a scarf. It’s best if you have permission and if it isn’t a special one, in case it stretches out of shape. You can use with a partner or own your own. Maybe it’s possible to make a bigger one by using more scarves tied together. Try it and see if you like.

Some classes like to sing Sally Go Round the Sun, so in this video Gordon shows that song as well. Remember, you can use the Magical Musical Circle in lots of ways. Have fun!

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