Group 5 Circle Time Friday 15th May

Hello everyone,

It’s Friday today. Hooray! I am feeling like Mr Happy because it is nearly the weekend.

Mr. Bounce Jumping Animation by Percyfan94 on DeviantArt

Who do you feel like today?

For movement today dance along to Happy by Pharrell and get you feet moving to a happy tune.

For life-skills today can you lay the table for lunch or dinner. You could make it look like a restaurant and treat your family to lunch out at home!


Table Setting: Art or Science? - Flathead Living

The first lesson of the day is Literacy so check out Laura’s Language post for your activities for today.

After that it is time for Social Studies so go to that section of the blog for Linda’s latest post.

Take a break and then come back at 10.30 for Story time. Today’s story is Little Bird’s Bad word, so have a watch and listen to find out whether Little Bird learn’s to mind his manners.

Little Bird's Bad Word: A Picture Book: Grant, Jacob ...

After the story check out sign of the day and then it is time for Food Technology with Hazel. I think she may have some healthy eating ideas for you today.

Have a nice lunch break then come back for ICT with Steve and Kirsty or you could play one of your favourite games on Cbeebies or CBBC.

Music is your last lesson of the day so enjoy some lively tunes with Connie and Gordon.

This weekend is a holiday weekend so our next circle time will be on Tuesday 19th May. Have lovely days and a great weekend.


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