Friday 15th may

Good Morning Every-one

Welcome to Friday. Did any-one manage to have a Sports Day at home yesterday? You can send me your photo’s if you would like and I will try and put them on the Blog.

We would have been having a Healthy Food Cafe today in school. Hazel has provided some activities for Food Technology today if you would like to plan your own Healthy Cafe at home with your family.

Here are some activities for you to try today…….

Lifeskills – Have you managed to choose lots of activities from the Busy Board this week?

Movement – It’s been a busy week for exercise this week. Choose a favourite activity to do to waken you up, it could be yoga, football, dancing?

Literacy – Have a look to see what Laura has put on the Blog this week. Or you could make a nice invitation for the Healthy Cafe you might have in your house today.

Free Coffee Invitation Template | Tea party invitation vintage ...

Story – I want to be a chef!

Sign of the Day with Lorna

Food Technology with Hazel – Can you plan a Healthy Cafe today?

ICT/Technology with Kirsty

Music with Connie – Connie has some fantastic songs to help you remember our Wellbeing Character this week Healthy Harry. Join in and have a Singalong with your family.

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