Social Studies – 15/05/20

The Rainbow                 

Some of you may be very familiar with this image of a rainbow. It has become a very important symbol of these times with a lot of children from around the world placing rainbows in their windows.


However, why and when does a rainbow appear?

This short video might help to explain:

Can you remember all the colours of the rainbow?

This video might help:

You could practice learning the colours by playing the games on this website:

Here are some crafts for you to try:


For both of these you will need a paper plate or semi-circle of card (could be from a cereal box?) along with tissue paper, colouring pens or pencils or perhaps paint with some cotton ball clouds to finish it off.

You might also like to try a Rainbow Treasure Hunt – you could make a sheet up like this to help you:

Finally, we can’t end our rainbow lesson without hearing the most famous rainbow song from the movies:

Hope you enjoyed learning about the rainbow!

Linda and Ana.

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