Waterlilies – Art

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post about the Artist, Claude Monet. Today we are going to try creating another picture based on his artwork. Claude Monet is probably best known for his paintings of waterlilies. See if you can have a go at painting your very own waterlily pond.

You will need: a sponge, some paint and a paintbrush.

begin by dipping your sponge into some blue paint, then pull the sponge from the top of the page all the way down the page making large vertical streaks. Keep doing until the entire page is covered.

Add some streaks of green and white paint on top of your blue background. The green is for the lily pads and the white is for the light reflecting on the surface of the water.

Next add some dabs of paint for the flowers. You can use any colours you wish. This can be done either with a paintbrush or with your fingers. You may wish to place a second colour in the middle of your first colour.

Once completed leave to dry and marvel at your creation!


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