RME – Ramadan 6/5/20


Ramadan is a very important time in the Islamic calendar, and Muslims all over the world will be  taking part.

Here is a link to some short videos on BBC newsround which help to explain about Ramadan:


See if you can match the words below with the following pictures:

neighbours exchange food                      crescent and star                    mosque                  Quran

dates                                                              woman makes donation       lantern                  fasting

girl praying                                                  men praying                              rug                         Kaaba

For more information, ideas and activities for Ramadan or indeed other subject areas, you could try to access the TWINKL website.

They have a free offer on at the moment for parents:


Once you have registered, use the following code – PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

Finally, you could try to make some colourful paper lanterns, which some children make during Ramadan – they can be very detailed, but for a basic lantern template, please watch this video:

Well done!

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