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Hello Everyone,

  1. Morning Activities:
  2. Maths:  Today is all about prepositions – can you say, choose or cut and stick where they are all hiding – in front or behind?<


  3. Fiddly Fingers:
  4. SNACK
  5. Story:   Sign along to Rumble in the Jungle here:
  6. Sign of the Day
  7. Music Click on MUSIC to find out what Connie has planned for you today
  8. LUNCH
  9. Sensory: 
  10. DanceFind out what Rachel has planned for you by clicking on the DANCE section

THURSDAY 30th April

Good morning!

Hope you are all well and everyone is keep safe.


Here is a guide to Thursday! Please take it at your own child’s pace.


Circle Time – We start our circle time singing “hello – super simple songs”

This is also the time we started to learn some Spanish. Leave you here some Spanish translations.

Good morning – “Buenos Dias”

Hello – “Hola”

How are you? – “como estas?”

We then talk about how we are feeling today (happy, sad, tired, and excited). We find how does the weather look like and what day it is – You can do your calendar book.

And we finish our circle time sharing the last day news – Feel free to share your news, by email, posting here on blog some videos, photos or comments. J


MovementHere some of our favourite movement songs. You can use this ones or any other of your preference

Life skills – For this week: Give your child a shirt to practice buttoning them up.

*Here’s the tidy up song signifier to help you to be part of other tidy up routines in your house.

Maths – Sorting coins (1:1 adult supervision as some kids may put coins in their mouth)

Fiddly Fingers – Fine motor skills ativity. Cutting nails – Fill a glove with flour (a thick card can also be used). Glue strips of different colour cardboard on your fingertips to make long nails. Cut the “nails”. You can paint the nails after you cut it

Story – Story Massage – St George and the Dragon

Sign of the day – Don’t forget to be practicing the sign of the day – if you want to send me a video then feel free

Music – Go to the Music section and choose one of the activities that your Music teacher prepared for you. Have fun J

Sensory – Time to go outside. Tell me what you can hear. Can you hear the birds? Can you hear people talking, can you hear the cars….

Dance – Go to the Dance section and choose one of the activities that your Dance teacher prepared for you. Have fun J

Singalong with Connie

Welcome to our Singalong.

We will begin with our Welcome song.

Let’s get ready for Tracey’s Assembly by singing Special Kind of Heroes

We will find a way.

Let’s dance

Well done everyone! I hope you enjoyed the singalong. Tune in next Thursday for some more favourite songs.
We’ll finish with Friends in Pinewood.

Group 4 – Thursday 30th April

Hello everyone.

Here are some activities for your timetable today:

Circle Time

What is the day today?

What is the date?

How many days are left in April? Let’s find out.

Life Skills

After some breakfast, it is time to help around the house. There might be some jobs in the kitchen to do.


Have a look at the Maths section to see what Steve wants you to do.

Fiddly fingers

Try helping in the laundry by folding some clothes and matching the socks.


Today’s story is “Just for you” by Mercer Mayer.

Little Critter really wants to do something special for his mum. Will Little Critter ever be able to find something that he can do for his mother? Let’s find out.

  1. Have you been kind to your Mum or Gran?
  2. What was the nicest thing you have done to your mum or Gran?
  3. Think about one nice thing to do for your mum or Gran today.

Sign of the day

Check Lorna’s sign of the day video.


Check for Connie’s post.


Here are some sensory ideas – choose one or two, relax and have fun.  You could print this chart off and tick off the ones you have completed.

Or you can try this great sensory art from David (Art teacher).

cling film Art


Go to the Dance section and choose one of the activities that Rachel has prepared for you.

Have a nice day.